Three got her first "big-girl" haircut this morning! The preliminary pics we took aren't that great - we'll take more when we can get her outside and we're not in a hurry!

She looks SO different now, but I like it. She's a lot shorter than Seth and I expected, but we didn't know what to tell the groomer to do the first time around. She had a "puppy cut" when she was 3 months old (see pic), but they basically just evened out her coat and cleaned up her face - nothing major.

She looks a lot smaller now with all that shaggy hair off her back! I didn't realize how soft her undercoat is - she's very dusty from all that hair being shaved off. I hope she likes her new 'do.

It'll be interesting to see how fast her hair grows. I was just happy for her to get her little head hairs trimmed - they were in her eyes and she tangled so easily! Yay for dog grooming - it's fun to have a dog that needs cuts....she doesn't look the same all the time :)

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