House Hunters

Besides being one of my favorite shows on HGTV, I like to consider myself a part-time hobby house hunter. While I do check out homes for sale in the triangle area most days, there are times when I have the bug worse than others. I look at houses online when I need a mental break at work (If you know where I work and what I do, you understand). It takes me to another world and helps me get lost in my dreams for the future. The question is...when is the future going to get here?!?

Maybe when you get married you're just supposed to catch the "I want to buy a house and live in suburbia with my adorable husband forever" bug, just as women get the "I'm married, now what? Oh yes, I want a baby now" bug. BTW - I've not caught that one yet and don't know that I will, guess for me it'll be a practical decision and not so much an "I'm dying for one" decision. We'll see. I digress. Wanting a house for me is like most folks wanting to drop 20 pounds overnight - it ain't happenin' now and it ain't happenin fast!

I'm very much an instant gratification girl and it's been hard for me to keep my patience and not just dive in to this house buying thing. We have no choice really. It's definitely easier to buy your first house versus your second house. With the first you generally have no strings attached and can just buy at will, your second house...well, you've gotta sell the first and the timing seems to be tricky.

What's the passion about anyway? I think I'm just ready to feel like I'm home. I want a big yard with a fenced-in backyard for Three, I want a front porch with rocking chairs or at least a big deck or screened-in porch. I want a bright, sunny, modern yet comfortable kitchen that's sleek and has the WOW factor. I want a two-car garage and maybe yard space for an in-ground pool....basically, I'd love to have a place where we can feel completely content and occupied by our surroundings and not have the feeling of "I'm bored, let's go out." I want my neighbor to be at least 30 yards away and I want grass and a flat driveway. Ah, the list goes on. Mostly, I'm just ready to know where Seth and I can look forward to spending some of the most important years of our lives where we can really enjoy each other, our dog and hopefully some kids (one day).

I just love houses. I'm sure I could find another one I love every month, but my goal is to find something we can love and improve from year to year. I want to be away from people - no cookie-cutter ranch homes with 3 floorplan options for us! We want something that's all ours and somewhat unique. I just look forward to our home. Sethie's townhouse is great, but that was his purchase, and I can't wait until we make OUR purchase.

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