Yahd Werk

Spoken like a true southerner - yes, we did yahd werk this weekend and lots of it! I'm not a yard work expert by any means, and for that matter, novice would probably be the most accurate description. I'm interested to learn because I want to make our house look a bit more put-together from the outside, plus, when we move to a "real" house, I want to have some skillz so we can get to work on the outside as soon as possible.

We started at my parent's house helping my mom spruce up a few things in her yard. Their yard is just a complicated mess, but we help with what we can. I need to get her on one of those landscaping shows on HGTV for a makeover or maybe Oprah could send Nate Berkus (does he do landscaping? anyway, I digress...) - too bad most of those make you pay out of pocket or else you end up with plywood sculptures all over your yard (no thanks). Anyway, we started there bright and early and when we were done my mom and I went to Logan's in downtown Raleigh to search for plants and flowers for our yard. We were there for quite some time - plants are overwhelming! I felt like we were buying a ton, but when we got to our house and planted stuff it really didn't look like much. Then again, the plants we got are ones that will multiply so maybe next year it'll look more filled out.

We spent the rest of the day (until about 5:30 or 6) planting plants and putting in our faux bricks along the sidewalk. It looks really nice although I'm wanting a bit more color on our porch and maybe one of those cool outdoor rugs to go under our chairs on the porch. I'll post a pic after I take some :) Luckily, our front porch only gets the morning sun, so we can sit out there in the afternoon and not sweat to death. Last summer, we installed a small ceiling fan on our porch ceiling (they wired it for such details when it was being built) and that makes a lot of difference, both asthetically and in cooling you off. I'm definitely pleased with how everything is coming along - and hopefully these improvements will pay off when we put our house on the market (hopefully next year).

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