Elliott Yamin

*** NOTE: I'm a dorky fan and tend to say dorky things about the people of whom I'm a fan.

Elliott Yamin revisted the American Idol stage last night and sang "Wait for You," his first single (I think it's his first). Last season, Elliott was voted off AI from his 3rd position spot and didn't get to go on to the finale. I was an Elliott fan for most of the show and I think he surprised a lot of people with how far he got. Clearly, America got it wrong by putting Taylor Hicks through and then got it triple wrong by voting him the winner, but I guess America just gets it wrong sometimes (i.e. Ruben Studdard). Anyway, I digress...

I love Elliott Yamin. His voice is just good. Simple as that. That boy can sing and it's a deep soulful voice and I just love it. He's got strength in his vocals and just like most of the good ones, I though he always sang consistently well minus a few "bad song choices." It was great to see him back on the show and even better to see a performance - esp. since I had just purchased his album on iTunes Monday night!

He was adorable! Long, curly hair, had fixed his poor teeth and hooked himself up with some snazzy new veneers! I read in US Weekly a while back that he said when he got some money he's love to have veneers so I was happy to see he got them - although he looks so different with all those teeth! He seemed so happy and gave a great performance - he's very passionate and that came through in his song.

I'm fan and can't put a finger on why. Aside from his fantastic voice I think I always thought he was so humble (like Melinda) and just came from humble beginnings in life and appreciated every moment he was able to stay on AI. I think he's earned success without being showy and I hope he continues to do well and gain attention. I've been listing to his album all afternoon at work and it's great. Just good soulful music in all sorts of moods.

** I will post video when I figure out why blogger won't take my youtube embedded code. grrrr.

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