As of Monday, it's 99.9% official that I've been accepted into the Paralegal Program at Meredith. I had an "interview" with the director on Monday and about midway through she blurted out "you're going to be accepted into the program..." So this is good news. **UPDATE: When we got home on Monday, I had received my official acceptance letter in the mail!

The program is only 2 semesters so that's also good - not a terribly long committment and I'll have a "career" at the end of it. I've needed to do something that would allow me to have an answer when people ask "So, what do you do?" It's a silly thing really - but it seems complicated when I have to answer a "what" with more of a "where." Classes will be held M-W from 6-9pm so I'll be in a work, class, sleep routine until May 2008. I know it'll be worth it though and I'm hoping to find work before I complete the program. From what I've heard, it seems to be quite helpful to be working in the environments you're learning about at the same time. We'll see - I can't take too much change and stress all at once.

I still don't know what makes people choose to be Paralegals vs. Attorneys, but I'm sure I'll figure that out as I get into the program. I think I'll be doing everything but having to understand laws and interpreting them. If I find that I'm interested in that then Law School here I come! (haha, Seth loves that I'm headed towards being a lifetime student I'm sure)

Anyway, after my interview and then meeting with the paralegal at my parent's attorney's office yesterday, I'm looking forward to starting the program and seeing what it's all about. Law firms are foreign to me but it seems interesting and non-static (as my current job seems to be). I think it'll be nice to get involved in cases and see them from start to finish vs. just turning over the same kind of work all the time.

Wish me luck!



This is probably the most pathetic post ever, but it comes and goes in my thoughts and I just felt like writing it down (er, typing). SO. Seth and I got married in 2005 and according to all of our guests it was beautiful and very nice. While I mostly agree, I'm still critical of the event to this day. I know it's a silly thing to even care that much about - since after all it is the marriage that's most important, but the "designer" in me can't let it go and still see it as somewhat of a failure (well, that's a harsh word, but I don't know of a better one).

My college friends started getting married as early as 2001 (we graduated in 2000) and their wedding planning began as early as September 2000 so I had been in and out of dreaming about planning my own wedding someday (even when I had no significant other). It really seemed like something I'd never reach and something I'd never get to experience, but once it was my turn it was like, "Woah, this is real and I have to make real plans." We opted for a longer engagement and took 13 months to plan our wedding. Today, I wish I had taken 2 years! haha. Some of the details that were so important to me BEFORE I was engaged and during the early months of planning just got lost or dropped towards the end. Here's a brief list (it's long actually) of things I wish I'd done or done differently:

1. Outdoor wedding (maybe at the beach or The Highgrove Estate in Fuquay) in early spring during the DAY!
2. Dress that was more fitted (more like mermaid shape) and cathedral-length veil
3. Gotten a tan
4. Had bride/groom photos taken BEFORE the ceremony (since my wedding planners ruined our session after the wedding!!!!)
5. Used a smaller, older, prettier church/ceremony site and filled it up with flowers
6. Carried a bridal bouquet with COLOR!
7. Taken the time to make my own invitations (like I had planned to!)
8. Lost more weight
9. Had bridal portraits done at a better location
10. Not paid so much for a video or the reception or the DJ (I probably should say photos, but Dara was my dream so I don't regret her - just the pics we didn't get)...heck, the whole wedding!
11. Asked for my dream cake
12. Looked around for my dress longer than I did (I chose my dress in one day, talking to one designer, choosing from her small collection of dresses - what was I thinking??)
13. Worn flowers in my hair
14. Taken off my veil for the reception (no one got to see my great hairstyle)
15. Gone to a tropical destination for our honeymoon and taken 2 weeks off!

I know, I know....these things aren't important in the grand scheme of life and I should get over it. Our wedding was like the biggest design project in the world for me so I am/was very protective of some of my ideas that I felt were original. I get defensive if I feel like my ideas are borrowed. One day I'll move on and/or get my second chance when we renew our vows (I know of no other way I'll be satisfied) or I'll just become a wedding planner and live vicariously through others.

For now, it's stupid, but it's even hard for me to watch all those wedding shows on TV. They all seem to enjoy the process more, take their time to pay attention to the details or just created a prettier day than ours was. I'm stupid, but I can't help how I feel about things that are important to me so just get over it


Revisiting Yamin

This is worth a near-repost. Elliott Yamin. I've been listening to his new album non-stop this week. He really is an awesome singer and I still can't figure out why Taylor Hicks won and not Elliott. America got it wrong. You should check out his debut self-titled CD. It's awesome and I found this on elliottyamin.org "'In fact, famously prickly judge Simon Cowell once said that Yamin was "potentially the best male vocalist in the history of 'American Idol.'" Here's his video for "Wait for You." I'm spreading it across the nation. Word. PS. I'm 99% sure that's his real girlfriend in the video. What a nice guy.


Dream Sequence

I've had weird and vivid dreams each night this week. When I wake up I remember them clearly and it's hard to shake them off as dreams and remember they are not reality. Sunday night, I dreamed I had a long chit-chatty phone conversation with George. I have no idea what we talked about, but it was like I was talking to my mom or something. Weird.

Monday night I dreamed that I was high-school-aged again and living at home with my parents. I went into the kitchen to see that 2 of our cars in the driveway had been smooshed with large boulders. All that was left of the cars was from the top of the door down. We found out who did it and it was some punk kid with anger issues. The next thing I remember from that dream was that someone made me hang out with this kid and told me I'd fall in love with him. I was like "no way, he smooshed our cars and broke into our house, I hate him." While I never fell in love with this fool, in my dream I felt bad for becoming his friend and I thought my boyfriend, BLAKE LEWIS
from American Idol (huh???) would be mad at me for being his friend. For some reason at this point in the dream I was living in a hotel which belonged to whatever school we all went to, and Blake lived down the hall. He was really really nice in my dream for what it's worth. Weird.

And in the process of typing my other dreams, I've now forgotten what I dreamed last night but if I remember I'll repost.