Dream Sequence

I've had weird and vivid dreams each night this week. When I wake up I remember them clearly and it's hard to shake them off as dreams and remember they are not reality. Sunday night, I dreamed I had a long chit-chatty phone conversation with George. I have no idea what we talked about, but it was like I was talking to my mom or something. Weird.

Monday night I dreamed that I was high-school-aged again and living at home with my parents. I went into the kitchen to see that 2 of our cars in the driveway had been smooshed with large boulders. All that was left of the cars was from the top of the door down. We found out who did it and it was some punk kid with anger issues. The next thing I remember from that dream was that someone made me hang out with this kid and told me I'd fall in love with him. I was like "no way, he smooshed our cars and broke into our house, I hate him." While I never fell in love with this fool, in my dream I felt bad for becoming his friend and I thought my boyfriend, BLAKE LEWIS
from American Idol (huh???) would be mad at me for being his friend. For some reason at this point in the dream I was living in a hotel which belonged to whatever school we all went to, and Blake lived down the hall. He was really really nice in my dream for what it's worth. Weird.

And in the process of typing my other dreams, I've now forgotten what I dreamed last night but if I remember I'll repost.

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  1. WOAH...two nights ago I dreamed that Blake had a crush on me before he was famous, and, right before he got famous, I decided I liked him too. Well, we were on the AI stage, he in the spotlight and I trying to hang on his arm. He kept jerking his arm away from me and totally ignoring me!! It really hurt my feelings. I've yet to get over it.