My friend Anna tagged me! While I don't have too many friends that blog (that I know about), I'll give this a shot anyway.

Here are the rules: Tagees should write a blog post of eight random facts about themselves. At the end of the post, more bloggers are tagged. Go to their blog, leave a comment telling them they're tagged.

1. At age 29, I still sleep with a stuffed animal...and I'm proud of it! I've had my faux Snoopy since I was 2 1/2 and it was given to me by my uncle as a Christmas present. He's gone through several names, the latest of which is Diggle, which is really one of his old school names that resurfaced sometime after Seth and I started dating. Diggle was my first child and he's really a member of the family.

2. I've been to Australia. I went for 3 weeks during January of my Sophomore year in college. It was a Jan Term trip and about 25 students went. We travelled all over the country. It was my first international trip not to mention my first time flying. I chose the trip over getting a car and I'd say it was well-worth the wait! I highly recommend the trip if you can stand the super-long flights.

3. I'm scared of people. Meeting new folks is not one of my favorite things to do. In fact, I can't think of anything more awkward to do in life. It's always excruciating to meet new people and then be forced to hang out with them or spend the day with them (say at a new job or at a bridal or baby shower where you only know the honoree). I know, that's weird, but it's true.

4. I'm extremely motion-sensitive. This is an annoying fact about myself and it seems to have developed more as I get older. I find that riding in backseats of cars is challenging, and the strangest things can throw my motion sensors off which cause me to feel sick and ruin my day. haha.

5. I love to cook. I don't do it as much as I'd want to simply due to the fact that it would probably mean a trip to the grocery store and I can be lazy. I love watching the Food Network and usually find a desire to try cooking several of the dishes after watching it for hours. I get great satisfaction out of cooking something that people really find delicious.

6. My "Maid of Honor" was a man. Some people may have found this strange, but Seth and I thought it was neato. After Seth and I started dating, his friend George would randomly send me IMs that I never responded to because they were one-liners that made no sense. Later, we started chatting in real speak and discovered we had many similarites. Seth tells me I'm the female version of George minus some of the rage. haha. It was cool for us to have Patrick and George as our honor attendants because it was important that we be surrounded by people we knew we'd keep in touch with for the rest of our lives. Unless, of course, George decides to live in a cave...which probably isn't out of the question.

7. I am obsessed with California. I have no idea why, but I think it started when I was in 4th grade and my favorite show was The Facts of Life. I wrote my first fan mail to that show and wanted to visit California and meet the cast. Ever since then I've on and off wanted to move there or visit there and be a "California Girl." We honeymooned in San Francisco, but had originally wanted to go to LA, Beverly Hills, Newport and Laguna Beach. I'd still move there if given the chance - even if for a couple of years.

8. I have an iPhone. It rocks. Nuff said.

Who I'll tag:

(I don't know that many folks who blog).


  1. I'm totally with you on number 1 (my bear's name is Radar), number 3 (totally...especially in my peer group), and I'd love to be with you on number 8 (iWho??). Ha!

  2. I agree with you that meeting new people is scary. I'm no master of small talk myself, which is probably evident. I know I should be more outgoing, maybe I would have more friends, but sometimes I just like to listen.