Independence Day

I was careful to name this blog entry "Independence Day" rather than "July 4th" in honor of my dear hubby. He doesn't feel July 4th is an appropriate name for the holiday as we don't refer to Christmas as "December 25th."

We had a fairly nice day off - unfortunately it was smack in the middle of the week and that has turned out to be annoying. But...I'll take one day off over no days off any day. We didn't do much in the morning, took our big grocery store trip around 11:30 after eating an early lunch, then continued being lazy around the house until 3:30 or so when we headed to my mom and dad's.

Independence Day dinner was busy and numerous this year so that made it a little more fun and interesting. We had mom, dad, me, Seth, John, Shelly, the McFarlands (Keith, Brenda, and Skye) and Shelly's mom at dinner and of course my mom over prepared so there was plenty to eat. After dinner, Seth and I and Seth's family headed to the fairgrounds to watch fireworks. My family found a nice (still fairly secret) spot several years ago, so we tried that out with the McFarlands (who usually go to Regency Park) and we ended up having pretty much a perfect view of the fireworks. With not a ton of people around we had room to spread out without feeling like strangers were in our laps. We took Three and she seemed to have a good time. I thought she might bark at the booms, but she didn't seem phased. She sat in mine and Seth's laps the whole time and seemed to enjoy herself. The weather was perfect - I can't remember having a non-humid Independence Day in many moons (if ever!) It was a nice day off.

The rest of this week has been strange. I've been really tired the past 2 days - I think having that day off mid-week threw me off. There's only 3 of us in my section at work so I've been answering phones for 3 hours straight vs. my regular 1h 45m. Next week we've only got one person out so phones will improve a little bit. I'm still dreaming of that Independence Day when Seth and I are able to have our family over to our house for a cook-out after having spent all day lounging around the nice in-ground pool in our large and spacious backyard. I'd love to have a backyard that makes you question why you'd need to go anywhere else to enjoy the great outdoors.

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