A little vacay never hurt no one...

Seth and I just got back from a 4-day beach vacation. We headed to Topsail Beach right after work on Wednesday, (me) not even heading home before leaving. Sadly, we had to leave our precious Three with the McFarlands as she wasn't allowed in the house we stayed in. That was disappointing considering Topsail is a dog-friendly beach during the summer! Boo! We'll take her this fall to make up for it.

We stayed in a nice place that belonged to some college friends of my mom's. They have recently purchased a new beach house directly across the street so while they were in their new house, they let us stay in their old house since the buyers haven't closed yet. It was so nice to get away and I truly let my mind focus only on our vacation. I am surprised at how well it worked, too. Coming to work this morning felt like the first day of school after a long summer vacation.

Seth and I spent a good few hours on the beach just laying out and listening to tunes for the first couple of days. We ate late dinners and hung out on the dock with my parent's friends - their new house overlooks Banks Channel. The weather was great every night - perfect breezes and beautiful sunsets. We ate really late dinners each night (10pm! Not kidding!) but it was fun!

I finally got a chance to knock off some of the white on me and got a pretty good tan w/o getting burned. YAY! I finished "In An Instant" by Lee & Bob Woodruff. It was amazing how much the story of Bob in the hospital during recovery reminded me of when my dad was in the hospital and my mom held vigil at his side. I want her to read it. I cried a few times - it's too bad our story didn't end like his. I felt oddly close to the Woodruffs even though I don't know them a bit. Great book.

Seth and I spent Saturday cruising up and down Topsail Island which my mom says is 26 miles long. We (I) was on a quest to go in the typical junky beach shops to see if I could find anything cute or fun. I ended up getting a jingle bell Christmas collar for Three and some new brown Reef flops. Nice.

Once we got home last night, reality set in hard. I've got to finish 3 weddings (programs) between now and October, I start Paralegal classes on Wednesday, I'm still working full-time, looking for paralegal jobs, will have homework, visits to the law library, etc, etc, etc. It was just a bit overwhelming, but I guess if I just take it day by day everything will fall into place.

Vacation was nice - wish it could've been permanent!

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