Summer Reading

No, no, no...not like the icky "required" reading from high school and college. I'm talking the enjoyable, read what you wish type summer reading. Lately, I've been on an emotional roller coaster for some reason. I've been second-guessing most of the decisions I've made in life and I really can't figure out why. My brain knows there's no point in wondering "what if I had done this instead?" since I can't go back in time and do it differently to see if I'd be happier than I am now. The problem is that my perfectionist streak feels it's necessary to continue to wonder "what if." So, to try and combat this problem I've picked up 2 books I've owned for a bit and have decided to actually read them versus just looking at how pretty they look on the bookshelf. My mom says that when my mind isn't sufficiently occupied, it tends to wander away and obsessively analyze something that's not important in the grand scheme of things.

I'm actually going to try to read these 2 books at one time. The first one I started reading on Monday is "In An Instant" by Lee and Bob Woodruff. This book tells the story of when ABC's World News Tonight co-anchor, Bob Woodruff, was in Iraq and whose convoy was blasted by an IED. The book comes from both Bob and Lee's perspective. The other book I've had for over a year, Alice Sebold's "Lucky" which is her telling the story of her own brutal rape that occured on the last night of her freshman year in college. Both books start right in the center of the action. "Lucky" began with a graphic and scary retelling of the rape itself and "IAI" began with Lee finding out about the attack on Bob's convoy and Bob describing the first few moments after the attack (what he remembers).

It's interesting that the 2 books I chose to read are both non-fiction. I bought "Lucky" a year or so ago after I read Sebold's first book, "The Lovely Bones." I can't say that I realized I was buying a book that was a non-fiction story of an event in the author's life. While fiction is enjoyable, it's always interesting to read something and know that it really happened to someone somewhere. So far, I'd recommend either of these books to someone else. I'm excited to finish them to see what I can take away from each one. Hopefully, something encouraging or at least I hope to become aware of something I'd not considered before.

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