Just thought I'd post with a few tidbits of my life from the past 2 weeks. I'm in my second week of the Paralegal program and it's kicking my butt. Not the information or the work, but the schedule. It's been difficult to adjust to going to work from 8:30-5:30 then to class from 6-9 3 days a week. It's silly, but I mostly get stressed over when and what I'll eat for dinner, will I be starving come end of class, etc, etc. I'm sure I'll get into a groove at some point. It'd just be nice to go ahead and get there. I turned in my first homework assignment last night and we went over it in class so we could all know how we did. I did great - only making 2 super-minor errors. Claps for me.

I finished up my 2nd wedding order this week. Emily Leonard, who is the sister of one of my college suitemates, is getting married on Saturday and I (well, Seth) delivered her 300 programs on Tuesday night. He's so helpful. I hope she loves them.

We've discovered 3 scabby bumps on Three in a variety of places. She has continued to seem itchy and one her favorite things to do is rub the side of her face into the carpet and walk forward. Guess that's how the puppy itches her face. We are taking her to the vet (once again) for a allergy-type follow-up to see what they might suggest we try next. Poor thing - we've been giving her half a Benedryl off and on and I guess that seems to help. She went to Doggie Daycare today (her fave!) since Seth and I won't really be home tonight. She'll pass out when she gets home and will probably sleep until one of us returns. She's also getting groomed on Wednesday! YAY!

This Saturday night Seth is throwing Patrick's bachelor party in the great metropolis of Moncure. I hope those boys behave. I think it's in order considering Patrick's dad and preacher are going to be there. I will be lonely but will have things to keep me occupied. I need to finish up Courtney and Patrick's wedding program layout so I can get them printed and put together. It's crazy that their wedding is in 2 weeks!

BEST OF ALL, Elliott Yamin has added some dates to his fall tour schedule one of them being Asheville, November 3rd which is a Saturday. He's playing at The Orange Peel and I'm determined to go. Asheville will be nice in November, plus, it's on a Saturday and that works with our schedule. I MUST see Mr. Yamin - he's my fave! I'm quite excited to say the LEAST.

That's all I can think of that's half interesting or fun in my life!


  1. I definitely read that "The Orange Pee!" ...doesn't sound like such a fun place...

    If you get bored when Seth's beebopping with the guys, you should come over!!

  2. oh, right...that was probably last night. Well, come over anyway!