Time Flies....or not

I randomly thought of this yesterday even though I've thought it a million times before. It's so odd to me how time seems to fly for everyone else but not so much for oneself. Anytime something exciting is coming up that you're really looking forward to, it just seems to take an eternity to arrive at the occasion, but for others (from my perspective) it arrives at normal speed or perhaps even super-fast.

Examples include weddings, babies, graduations, home purchases, etc. Seth and I spent 13 months planning our wedding and it just seemed to take forever to get here. Once it was over, all that time we waited didn't seem as long as it did in the process of waiting. This is how I'm feeling about the paralegal program. I know it's only 2 tiny semesters and only a little more that 7 months total of school but it just seems to me that May 2008 will NEVER get here. I just keep reminding myself that it'll be May before I know it and I'll probably be telling someone "I can't believe how fast that went!" I'm just not there yet so each day feels like a million.

It's also felt this way with my friends and their babies. Four of my college friends have 2 babies each and 2 of those friends even have 3rds on the way. Since I don't get to see them and I'm not living their lives it seems the babies are made and born within a couple of months. This is clearly not the case, but it's just so funny to me how everyone elses' time seems to fly but my own seems to crawl along at a snails' pace.

Not that I'm wishing my life away, just sometimes it would be nice to feel like the good stuff comes along quicker than the bad/boring stuff.

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  1. I completely understand and agree. At most, I'll be pregnant for 5 more weeks. It feels like it may as well be five years. But other friends who are pregnant right now seem to be flying right along.