Happy Notes

I haven't posted in quite a while :( Things have been really busy but here's a few positive things that have happened.

1. THREE TURNED ONE! She had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on September 27 complete with a few bites of delicious Edible Art cake left over from my dad's birthday party. She LOVED it! Three's birthday gift was a red NCSU football jersey with the number "3" on it (duh). It doesn't really fit her well so I'm either going to attempt to alter it or order her the next size up. She hates clothes b/c we never make her wear them, but just like her collar, she'll get used to it!

2. Poppy was born! Three's mom had her litter on October 10, 2007 and she had 3 girls. We've reserved one and she'll be coming to join us the first week of December.

3. The owner of the puppy in the post below has 2 new Westie puppies! One boy (Cody) and one girl (Kadie). They are precious and just 6 weeks old. Yay Westies!

4. I completed my last wedding stationary project that I've had on my plate since January. I wish I felt more relieved about being done with the committments I had made back in January, but it hasn't sunk in yet. We'll be attending the actual wedding that goes with this final project so maybe after it's all said and done I'll feel better. On the right is a sample of the wedding programs. They turned out beautifully even though we had to change the game plan at the last minute. *UPDATE: I got sick and had to miss the wedding but heard that the paper was well-received! YAY!

5. Today I'm working until 12:30 and then my mom and I will be going to "A Shopping Spree" at the RBC Center. This is my most favorite fall ritual and my mom and I go every year. It's the best and I'm very excited to be taking a half day off work to go versus going on Saturday morning. The NC State Fair is here, too, so hopefully parking isn't TOO much of a nightmare. The "Spree" is put on by the Junior League of Raleigh and is basically tons and tons of booths of really cute home accessories, jewelery, fun snacks, gifts, and just fun boutique-type stuff. I LOVE it!

6. Hypoglycemia. While this doesn't sound like a happy note, I hope it turns into one. I went to the doctor yesterday to discuss my symptoms since they seem to fit into the hypoglycemia category. Basically, I'm going to start eating differently to get more protein and match it to complex carbs. Clearly I was eating way too many carbs and not getting enough protein and that's sort of how you have to deal with hypoglycemia. She mentioned using the South Beach Diet as a guide and it dawned on me - maybe I'll lose some weight in this process. I sure need to anyway (ick) but if the food starts to help I hope to find inspiration to use my Rex Wellness membership. ha.

7. I applied for 2 state jobs last week. I feel like my chances to get both are pretty high although they've not started the interview process yet. I still struggle with which direction to go with the paralegal certificate, and actually one of the jobs I applied for isn't even close to paralegal work! However, it'd put me near working with Historic Preservation which I'm quite interested in. We'll see what happens. This is happy because that means I have hope for escaping the phones which have changed me in a bad way.