Halloween Scrooges

Halloween is a weird "holiday" for me. Every year, it always sounds like a fun idea to dress up the outside of our house in Halloween stuff (pumpkins, mums, etc.) but when the day actually arrives I feel more annoyed by it and ready for it to be over.

When I think back to when I can actually remember wanting to participate in trick-or-treating on Halloween I guess I was in elementary school. I also remember what a huge pain it was to figure out what I was going to dress up as. After all, you can't go out looking too stupid as a pre-teen or the other kids might make fun of you and tease you. I was never one of those kids who planned in advance and had a really great costume. I was the kid crying at the 11th hour trying to put together SOMETHING that I already had to pass off for a costume. It was awful. I'd leave the house upset and feeling like I looked like an idiot only to be met with "What ARE you?" by my friends - which confirmed my costume as silly and made me feel worse. I remember one year, I wore an NC State sweatshirt and jeans b/c I couldn't think of anything else (at the last minute) and tried to claim I was a State Fan - I did carry a pom pom but still, no one bought it.

Halloween became fun again in college when you were past the point of worrying whether your classmates were going to make fun of you and on to the time where the more far-reaching, the funnier. My freshman year, I went to Chapel Hill with pretty much all the girls on my hall. I went as "night" and wore all black and had stuck tons of glow-in-the-dark ceiling star stickers all over me. My friend was supposed to be "day" but she chickened out and went for "cowgirl" at the last second. :) Chapel Hill is nuts on Halloween. I did it twice and that was too many times. If you don't have friends there or a room to go hang out in, the charm of "the street" wears off pretty quickly. The costumes were amusing to say the least, though.

This year, I was supposed to be in class but didn't feel well and left early. Seth, also being a halloween scrooge, turned our exterior light off, pulled the pumpkins (we have fake ones) inside, and pulled the curtains so it'd look dark and like we weren't at home. He played Halo and I wallowed in my sinus headache and watched. Not one person rang our doorbell so I guess what Seth did worked! The past couple of years we've had lots of kids come to our door. We weren't sure what to do with Three - it would've been annoying to have her barking every 5 minutes when the doorbell rang, so we decided it was easier to play "not at home."

We are horrible.

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