Seth and I are getting excited to welcome Poppy, our new Westie puppy, into our home. The breeder sent us a photo of all 3 females Three's mom, Loretta, had in her most recent litter. We chose Poppy from there - she's the one on the far left with the red bow around her neck.

Seth took Three to work with him today and she met and was able to play with 2 ten-week-old Westies, Kadie and Cody (see post below). We wanted to see how she was going to do with young puppies and this seemed like a good test (esp. with 2) before Poppy gets here. Three did great! We think she didn't understand why the puppies didn't always want to play with her, but for the most part she wasn't rough with them.

The boy Westie is very vocal and would bark back at Three is she barked at him. The girl Westie is very quiet and doesn't bark but did at one point when Three was trying to play with her toy. They were all really cute together and it made me feel a little more sure about bringing a 2nd dog into the mix.

UPDATE: Here are a couple more pics of Poppy at approximately 1 month old.

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