Thanksgiving was much-anticipated this year (for me, anyway). The arrival of Thanksgiving Day meant that I was done with a pretty major Legal Research assignment. The assignment was due by midnight on Wednesday so I was really looking forward to Thursday when I could sit back and enjoy 4 days off.

This year, Thanksgiving was a bit more spread out and it was nice. For the past several years, Seth and I have spent Thanksgiving Day with BOTH our families eating 2 big meals. We had lunch with the Mc's and dinner with the West's/Lamberts. It was fun to be with family all day, but usually we weren't that hungry for dinner. This year, we had Thanksgiving Day with my family and we spent most of Friday with Seth's family. It really worked out well - and made the holiday feel a little more special.
My mom cooked WAY too much food, Seth's mom had the perfect amount - still a big meal, just not HUGE (which is good). At my parent's house, there was actually food on the kitchen island as well as all over the stove top. I didn't even have anything that was on the stove top. It was all delicious, though - at both houses on both nights.

We are not "Black Friday" shoppers, so the majority of the weekend was stress-free and relaxing. I was just glad to not have any school work hanging over me and for once, I got to feel like my old adult self - with no homework, tests, or projects. I hope that January revives me and I don't dread the 2nd semester. UGH. My last class is next Wednesday and between now and then I'll have one take home test, 2 in class finals, 1 paper, and 1 mini-project (which I've already completed) due. WEE!

I'm looking forward to the Apex Christmas Parade this weekend. Seth's 29th bday is Thursday but we're celebrating Saturday night after the parade. We're going to take Three so hopefully she behaves. I hope to have some pics to post. Saturday after that we're expecting Poppy's arrival! We're very excited to meet her!

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