Little Tiny Poppy

We've had an eventful weekend to say the least. Poppy arrived on Friday and Seth and I had both taken the day off to pick her up and introduce her into our lives. I don't want to go on and on about her here since the end of the story is that we sent Poppy back to the breeder yesterday.

Poppy is a wonderful and beautiful little puppy, who I grew to love in the few short days we had her. I think Seth and I both realized, for reasons I don't care to try to explain, that at this time in our lives Poppy wasn't the best, most thought-through idea we've ever had. It's something I don't think we could've realized any other way but to have her here and experience life with 2 dogs. Unfortunately, that mostly ends up being tough on the dog, although I have to think she handled it better than I did.

Miss Poppy was sweet and adorable and seemed to be becoming a good buddy for Three, but we realized that our life was stable at the moment and we were happy and content being Seth, Kelley and Three. Three is the doggie love of my life and for more reasons than I can list, we felt it was best for us and Poppy to send her back to her mommy who could find her a home like we were able to give Three.

We took her to the airport yesterday after a hectic morning getting her checked at the vet and I couldn't even stay in the cargo room until she left. I kissed her, snuggled her and put her in the crate and had to excuse myself to the car. I cried like a baby and like I haven't done in years. I cried outloud from the extreme pain of my broken heart. I can't even describe it - this pain and grief was different than anything I'd ever experienced before. We had hoped to send her home earlier to avoid as much attachment to her, but she was probably with us a day too long.

Poppy arrived home late last night and the breeder called to assure us she was safe and glad to be out of her crate. The breeder has been absolutely wonderful, reassuring, comforting and understanding. She gave us Three so she must raise wonderful puppies! I hope she'll update us on little tiny Poppy so we'll know she's doing well in her new home. She even said she'll probably keep her name, "Poppy," since she liked it so much.

Here are the few pics we took during our weekend with Poppy.

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