Fingies Crossed

I hope I'm not shooting myself in the foot by posting this, but Seth says I shouldn't think like that and that doing or saying things can't jinx you.

I submitted an application for a job yesterday that I would really like to get. Of course, in my experience, I've learned that it's easy to say that from just reading a job description, but it can be a whole other thing once you're in the job and working in the reality of the job and the office environment and other employees. So, at this point, I reserve the right to complain about the job later, should I be hired. :)

The job is with State Historic Preservation which is an area I've been interested in since I was young. My mom used to be involved with a conference each summer that was held in Wilmington for several years in a row. My dad and I would tag along, but we'd spend our days at the beach or driving/walking around Wilmington. That's when I fell in love with many of the restored B&Bs in the area and it sparked my interest in historic homes and properties. I rarely see a job opening in that office so I was very excited to find one last week - and one that I qualified for!

I had had an especially bad week last week on many levels. One day I had an emotional breakdown over something non-job related that ended up with me stressing (to put it lightly) about the lack of job prospects. Then after the storm cleared, so to speak, a day went by and then I found the job posting. This is where I hope I'm not shooting myself - it dawned on me that maybe this was the job I've been waiting for - and it was coming in God's perfect time. I could be wrong, but I felt like I was getting a really strong message that this one could be my next step in life and could be my first step in getting back to ME and into a job that doesn't consume and drain me emotionally.

I'm hoping it's that one anyway and if it's not then I suppose I'll just keep looking, but there's something telling me to feel positive about this one. I even wrote a really great cover letter to go with it (usually State jobs don't require it or care for it). I explained my passions and interests and place in life and school and hopefully that'll make an impact. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! The posting doesn't close until Feb. 7th so I've got to wait at least until Feb. 8th until I can go on a 2nd round of waiting - hopefully waiting for an invitation to interview. We'll see...


Just how does life work, anyway?

I am usually inspired to post when something negative is on my mind. While that bothers me to some degree, I think that's when blogging most helps me - and probably others as well. I have no clue how many people read this, but I know there are people out there that don't know that I read their blogs, but sometimes their posts help me feel like alone or like I'm the only person in the world who has ever had certain thoughts or feelings. With that ... I post the following:

I'm in my 2nd week of the 2nd (and last) semester of the Paralegal program. Last semester was a bear, and this one will be too, but so far in just 2.5 classes, I'm starting to feel at home and like I made the right decision in choosing the Real Estate specialty. I love real estate and I hope I continue to enjoy, or at least be entertained by, the material I'm learning in the class. The teacher is enjoyable and loves the topic which greatly helps the presentation and thus our attention level.

My issue is with job hunting. The job I'm in will run out next January when the new Governor comes in (Lord knows I don't want to be around for ANOTHER term under anyone doing this job!). I've been looking for jobs on an off since the day I started here - which is quite sad. I go from being content to being desperate to leave and everything in the middle, but the fact is that you can't force a job on yourself. You've got to put yourself out there and let someone else decide if you're the best fit for their needs. That really sucks when you're just trying to escaped an unhealthy job situation that you're just not cut out to deal with.

So...in looking for jobs I realized I've either got to take low-level jobs or go back to school for additional education. I could never really say, "I'm a teacher," "I'm at dentist," "I'm a lawyer," and for me that made it hard to focus when job hunting. I've got a degree in Communication - so now what? It was depressing to think I spent 4 years in college and have nothing to show for it. So I chose the Paralegal program and thought, "When I'm done, I can say 'I'm a paralegal'" when asked what I did for a living. But recently, I was told my a classmate that the attorney she works for told her that most attorneys aren't interested in hiring a "newbie" because they don't have time to train them. They are looking for pros and people that can just slide in and get the job done. SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH.

I hate that! It sucks that even as a certified professional it's STILL going to be hard to find that first opportunity. Grrr. And I'm having the hardest time find a good source and a list of real estate attorneys in the area. You'd think there'd be a list, but I haven't found it yet. I've just started cold-emailing firms my resume and cover letter so we'll see if I ever hear from them. I just feel exhausted from this and frustrated that I'll be 30 in March and don't feel like I have much to be proud of in my professional life. I'm sure many people feel your professional life isn't all that important, but it is to me. I'm spending 8+ hours a day doing something - I think I should be enjoying it, at least not being tortured by it. I spend more hours working per day that I am awake and not working.

Anyway, if you know any real estate attorneys let me know!


The Holidays

We survived yet another Christmas and New Years and this year things were back to more of a normal routine for both sides of our family. This being our 3rd Christmas as a married couple, we're still trying to work out the kinks that come with having to spend the holidays with 2 families, but I think we've done a good job splitting up the time all 3 years (and even in years before we got married)!

This year, Seth and I spent most of Christmas Eve day with my mom and dad and went to the 11pm service at Highland. I couldn't remember the last time I was in that church, but it sure did seem smaller than I remembered. It was actually nice to attend the service there. It's very different that Peace's service - they even include communion during the service. We got to hear Jim Lee preach and he was wonderful and captured our attention. He attended our wedding since his wife directed it and most people remember him as the crazy dancer - it was good to finally see him in his element at church :)

Christmas Day was filled with family and presents and food. We started the day off with the McFarlands opening gifts and eating breakfast and lunch. There were many new "toys" to discover including a GPS and the Xbox game "Rock Band" so that kept most people busy until lunch. Seth and I went to my family's house after lunch. Notable items from that present exchange - Seth got a portrait lens for our camera which is awesome and John and Seth both got Xbox HD-DVD players. Shelly and I racked up on some clothes :) We went to Clayton to my uncle's home for a Lambert-family old-fashioned traditional spaghetti dinner. We used to always have that at my grandmother's home but for many, many years we've been having the turkey and ham and the whole nine for dinner (way too much food). It was fun to get back to the old-school dinner that my family used to enjoy.

We were excited for the days after Christmas since we were finally able to go to Pennsylvania with Seth's family to visit his PA extended family. We had not been since 2005 so it was nice to finally be able to be a part of that trip. We took Three with us and the McFarlands took Wyatt (not in the same car, though). They provided a lot of entertainment for the humans as well as themselves. The first day we were there we did presents and a delicious lunch. The second day we drove over to Grove City to do some outlet shopping. I was amazed a the number of stores and got a cute Coach purse for $50 (versus the $128 actual cost). The third day we drove to Beaver Falls to visit with the Carson's at their home and then the group split up going to different places. Seth, Skye, Beth and I went to Pittsburgh to the IKEA store and we got a few fun things. That pretty much ate up our day and by the time we got back to Beaver Falls it was dinner time. We had dinner at the Carson's and hung out for a bit before heading back to New Castle. Our trip was filled with things to do and not as much game-playing as in year's past. Still fun though - although we didn't see any snow :(

I slept through my first New Year's this year. I was falling asleep on the couch and just decided I didn't care enough to watch the ball fall. I went to bed and missed the whole party. Oh well - 2008 arrived without me just like I figured :) I hope this year brings professional change for me (and quickly!) and perhaps some family change for me and Seth. We are hoping to buy a house mid-year and I'm practically counting the seconds until we can officially begin our search! We'll see what happens....