Fingies Crossed

I hope I'm not shooting myself in the foot by posting this, but Seth says I shouldn't think like that and that doing or saying things can't jinx you.

I submitted an application for a job yesterday that I would really like to get. Of course, in my experience, I've learned that it's easy to say that from just reading a job description, but it can be a whole other thing once you're in the job and working in the reality of the job and the office environment and other employees. So, at this point, I reserve the right to complain about the job later, should I be hired. :)

The job is with State Historic Preservation which is an area I've been interested in since I was young. My mom used to be involved with a conference each summer that was held in Wilmington for several years in a row. My dad and I would tag along, but we'd spend our days at the beach or driving/walking around Wilmington. That's when I fell in love with many of the restored B&Bs in the area and it sparked my interest in historic homes and properties. I rarely see a job opening in that office so I was very excited to find one last week - and one that I qualified for!

I had had an especially bad week last week on many levels. One day I had an emotional breakdown over something non-job related that ended up with me stressing (to put it lightly) about the lack of job prospects. Then after the storm cleared, so to speak, a day went by and then I found the job posting. This is where I hope I'm not shooting myself - it dawned on me that maybe this was the job I've been waiting for - and it was coming in God's perfect time. I could be wrong, but I felt like I was getting a really strong message that this one could be my next step in life and could be my first step in getting back to ME and into a job that doesn't consume and drain me emotionally.

I'm hoping it's that one anyway and if it's not then I suppose I'll just keep looking, but there's something telling me to feel positive about this one. I even wrote a really great cover letter to go with it (usually State jobs don't require it or care for it). I explained my passions and interests and place in life and school and hopefully that'll make an impact. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! The posting doesn't close until Feb. 7th so I've got to wait at least until Feb. 8th until I can go on a 2nd round of waiting - hopefully waiting for an invitation to interview. We'll see...

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