House Hunters

Somehow, Seth and I are in the middle of our first real house hunt together. This is just like when we got engaged. For so many years I pretended to plan my wedding and was gathering ideas and then when it was really happening it was strange. I constantly had to remind myself this was real and not the dress rehearsal anymore.

In any case, last weekend we really got serious about it and have been making plans to get the ball rolling. We've got a real estate agent, we're about to put our townhouse on the market, and we've been searching for homes in the Clayton area since that seems to be where we can get the most house for the money. Ultimately, it all depends on how quickly our townhouse sells. We can't buy anything until we've sold first! Still, it's fun to look and we're keeping our fingers crossed that our townhouse will sell before any of the others in our area that are for sale. We've researched that too, and feel that our house has better upgrades and features than some of the other ones that are available so I feel very hopeful.

I want to make sure we do this right so I can't look back on it with any regrets. We're looking to by a home we can be in for a good while and that means plenty of space. Right now, we've found some good contenders, but it's hard to look and not get attached knowing we've got to sell before we can buy. I'm sure it'll all work out in good time...but I'd love to be in a new house before summer!

Anyone looking for a lovely townhouse in Apex, 1400 sf., hardwoods downstairs with 9' ceilings???? :)

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