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I haven't posted in a while and just thought I'd share a few random bits of info this morning! It's Friday so that automatically means it's gotta be at least a good day for that very reason.

1. House selling: Our townhouse will have been on the market 2 weeks on Sunday. We had an open house last Sunday and our agent reported that 6 prospective sets of buyers came through. No offers yet, but hopefully we're on their list and they're still hunting. We don't have an open house this weekend, but we've got a scheduled showing Saturday morning at 9:30. We tend to think better of the scheduled showings than the open house visitors b/c it sound like they are more interested, but who knows.

2. House hunting: We've put major breaks on our house hunt because we got burned pretty bad last weekend. I got my heart broken over a house and I think we've both been scared away from really hunting until our house sells or at least gets an offer. At this point, there's not much point in looking because we really can't do anything until our house is at least under contract (but preferably, SOLD). We still continue to search for homes in Raleigh but are mostly looking at new construction neighborhoods in Clayton.

3. Paralegal program: I had my 3rd test of the semester last night and I feel pretty confident I did well. We have all of next week off from classes b/c Meredith is on Spring Break! It's such a treat to actually get holidays off b/c last semester all the holidays were on Mondays and then Fall Break was Th/F which didn't effect us since classes were MTW. My Monday teacher had us in class on Labor Day and Veterans Day >:-| NOT FUN. So it's a treat to have an entire week off. However, I DO have a class tomorrow (Saturday) from 9am-3pm which I voluntarily signed up for. It's a Notary Public class which they've recommended we become notaries if we're going to do paralegal work with real estate. I guess I can suffer through a one day class, but I wish it wasn't Saturday!

4. March: Tomorrow is the first day of March which means we'll be in my birthday month. This year is a big one for me since I'll be turning the big 3-0. Hard to believe. My birthday is on Easter Sunday this year which I have mixed feelings about. However, I have the previous Friday off from work for Good Friday and the day following my birthday we have no class so I have a nice padded weekend for my bday.

5. So glad today is Friday!

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