Idol - Chikezie

Again, can't say I'm sad about this one. He was all over the place with his style and I just thought he was cheesy. He also wasn't good at taking criticism. He was one of those contestants who thought it was cool to stab back at Simon but it soooo wasn't cool. Me = not sad. :)


Birthday report

My birthday actually went quite well this year. It started last Wednesday at work when my co-workers brought delicious cupcakes from The Cupcake Shoppe for all of us to enjoy. Then I was off Thurs, Friday and Mon - NICE!

Thursday, I got my hair cut and colored at LizMichaels Salon in Apex. It was my first time going there, but the stylist was great and it was close to home for a change! I missed class that night so that was a little bit of a treat.

Friday, my mom and I met Edna, our real estate agent, in Smithfield to look at a gorgeous old 1950's house. The house was amazing, but needed lots of cosmetic updates. I would love to have it and do all those updates b/c I can see that the house would be a treasure. Seth isn't so into the idea of Smithfield, plus, we can't buy until we sell. After we got back, mom and I went to the nail salon and I got acrylics and she got a pedicure. With the warm weather starting to show up, I think I need a pedicure now! It was a fun day :)

Saturday, we had an open house from 1-4 so Seth and I spent the day in my parent's house while they were in Lewisville visiting my great Aunt Dot. We had dinner reservations at the Angus Barn at 5:15 and went straight to dinner after they got home. Dinner was great - we didn't have to wait at all. We both got the bacon-wrapped filet and had vanilla bean creme brulee for dessert. When it's your birthday they also give you a whole entire mini pound cake to take home! YUM!

Sunday, we went to the Easter service at church and afterwards went to my parent's house for Easter/Bday lunch. We had entirely too much food, but it was fun. Seth's family came, too, which made it feel more like a party with all those folks in the house. I got many great gifts this year and I must give lots of props to my hubby who picked out the most beautiful David Yurman ring for me all by himself!

Monday was just a "down" day before heading back to work. Classes at Meredith were canceled for Easter Monday so I didn't have class which was really nice. All in all, it was a great 5 days off and it didn't fly by too fast which is another plus.

Now I'm 30 - which is strange.

Idol - Amanda Overmyer

Can't say I'm sad this girl is gone. She should've never made the top 12. Her sound is cool for about one song and then you're like - "OK, I know what everyone of your songs will sound like." She actually can't sing - she just impersonates - and I'm surprised the judges put her through to the top 24. I think during one of the group performances she actually had to sing normally and softly and she STANK! I'm not crying over this one getting voted off.


Jesus has risen....on my birthday

Today is Friday for me and to say I'm excited is a vast understatement. It feels like the last day of school except unfortunately, I DO have to return to work next Tuesday rather than being able to leave behind one year and start a brand new one later.

My 30th birthday is on Easter Sunday this year and since state employees already get Friday off for Good Friday, I've decided to take Thursday and Monday just to pad my already long weekend. I'm not sure what's in store for the weekend, but here's what I know of so far. Tomorrow I might be able to have my hair cut and/or colored. Mostly I want it colored b/c I've got tons of greys and that ticks me off! Who wants to turn 30 with a bunch of grey hair? Otherwise, I plan on just running whatever errands I think of, maybe taking Three for a walk around the neighborhood (although Seth will say "that won't happen") or I might get my nails done.

Friday, my mom and I are going to look at a 1950's house in Smithfield with my real estate agent. I'm excited to see it although we still haven't sold so it's not like we can buy. It's really nice and "adult" looking. After that, we might go get nails done (if I don't go on Thursday) while Seth stays with my dad. He's so good about that and I know my mom enjoys getting away even if just for a few hours.

Saturday we are having another open house from 1-4pm so I'm not sure what we'll do to kill that time, but we have reservations for dinner at The Angus Barn on Saturday night. That should be nice - we don't get to go out to a nice dinner often. We said we were going to go to the AB for our anniversary, but that didn't happen. I think I had a final exam that night and Seth was at some sort of focus group. how romantic.

Sunday is my actual birthday and we'll go to church as usual and then we're headed to my parent's house for Easter lunch/my birthday with my family and Seth's. Then I'll be resting on Monday. YAY for a 5 day weekend!


American Idol: The Cuts

I've decided I'm going to share my thoughts after each episode of AI where someone gets voted off. Weeeeeee!

So last night's bottom 3 was David Hernandez, Syesha, and Kristy Lee Cook with David being voted off. I can't say that I disagreed with the bottom 3 - I though that they were the 3 that did the worst or were the most uninteresting. I also was not surprised that Syesha was the best of the bottom 3 - she wasn't very interesting, but she's a great singer and didn't do bad at all. Seth doesn't like David. He says he never did, but he's showed a particular dislike since the news of his male stripping was revealed :)

Right now, I have a few faves. I really like David Archuleta although his performance on night 1 was horrid! I felt so embarrassed for him - he forgot the words multiple times. GAH. Carly is awesome and I think she's going to be in the top 2 at least. I also like Brooke White and Jason Castro. Jason is too funny - he's clearly uncomfortable with the attention and TV stuff, but he's funny about it in a goofy way.

We'll see what happens next week - the Lennon/McCartney songs are always good choices. Too bad David Archuleta didn't save "Imagine" for the top 12!


Movie Review: Once

On a lighter note, Seth and I watched movies like crazy over the past week and 2 weekends. We "rented" one through the Apple TV Saturday night named "Once."

I hadn't heard of it before, but we watched the preview and decided to try it out. The preview was actually deceptive, but not really in a bad way. If you watch the movie and see how ends, you'd understand that the preview is trying to reel you in, but it's OK - the movie turned out great!

The 2 main characters in the movie actually won an Oscar this year for "Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song" for their song "Falling Slowly." Check out their Oscar acceptance speech here!

I get in a movie mood every now and then and we've had a good couple weeks of good movie watching. Others include Michael Clayton (very good), The Heartbreak Kid, Gone Baby Gone, and The Brave One.

In the dark...

It seems we are in a gigantic holding pattern all the way around. Maybe more me than Seth, but in any case, nothing is happening with anything at the moment.

We had our second open house this weekend. This time we tried Saturday from 1-4pm and escaped our house for a few hours to go house hunting. It's really frustrating to house hunt while your own house hasn't sold. It's hard not to get wrapped up in trying to decide which house to go for b/c as soon as you head down that road, you remember you can't do jack until that house is sold. Poo.

We left around 12:15 and around 12:30 or so we got a call from the centralized showing service letting us know someone wanted a SECOND showing from 1-3pm! So we're thinking a 2 hour second showing is GOOD news, but so far, we've heard nothing from it. Usually, the agent that shows it to their clients leave us feedback but even that didn't happen. We got the report this morning after checking our email like crazy yesterday saying "No comments were left." ARGH! So we have no idea if that person has ruled our our place or if they are working on making an offer. We're totally in the dark on this and just have to wait.

Secondly, I've not heard anything about the job I applied for over a month ago. Just last week (this tells you how NOT in a hurry they are) I got the card from the agency acknowledging that they received my application, but that's just a courtesy they do to let you know your application was processed. I have no idea what the person doing the hiring is doing/thinking. Is he on vacation? Is he looking over apps? Perhaps he's already interviewed and I didn't get one. Who knows? Again, I'm completely in the dark on this and just have to wait it out. I'll either get offered an interview or I'll get a letter in several weeks rejecting me and then I'll know it's over.

Lastly, I can't wait until I'm done with school. I swear I'm never going back after this. It's too much to have 3.5 hours of class 3 nights a week. All I want to do is go to work and come home and be a normal person. I long for that so bad that sometimes it hurts. I don't want to wish time away, but I can't wait for May 7th! I want to be done so bad I don't think I'm going to go to the "graduation" ceremony - it's a week after we're done with classes and at this point, I just don't care to go. It's also in the middle of a work day and I can imagine there will be other students who can't even get off of work. I had wanted to take a mini-vacay the week after to celebrate being done.

Until then, I'll just hurry up and wait.