Birthday report

My birthday actually went quite well this year. It started last Wednesday at work when my co-workers brought delicious cupcakes from The Cupcake Shoppe for all of us to enjoy. Then I was off Thurs, Friday and Mon - NICE!

Thursday, I got my hair cut and colored at LizMichaels Salon in Apex. It was my first time going there, but the stylist was great and it was close to home for a change! I missed class that night so that was a little bit of a treat.

Friday, my mom and I met Edna, our real estate agent, in Smithfield to look at a gorgeous old 1950's house. The house was amazing, but needed lots of cosmetic updates. I would love to have it and do all those updates b/c I can see that the house would be a treasure. Seth isn't so into the idea of Smithfield, plus, we can't buy until we sell. After we got back, mom and I went to the nail salon and I got acrylics and she got a pedicure. With the warm weather starting to show up, I think I need a pedicure now! It was a fun day :)

Saturday, we had an open house from 1-4 so Seth and I spent the day in my parent's house while they were in Lewisville visiting my great Aunt Dot. We had dinner reservations at the Angus Barn at 5:15 and went straight to dinner after they got home. Dinner was great - we didn't have to wait at all. We both got the bacon-wrapped filet and had vanilla bean creme brulee for dessert. When it's your birthday they also give you a whole entire mini pound cake to take home! YUM!

Sunday, we went to the Easter service at church and afterwards went to my parent's house for Easter/Bday lunch. We had entirely too much food, but it was fun. Seth's family came, too, which made it feel more like a party with all those folks in the house. I got many great gifts this year and I must give lots of props to my hubby who picked out the most beautiful David Yurman ring for me all by himself!

Monday was just a "down" day before heading back to work. Classes at Meredith were canceled for Easter Monday so I didn't have class which was really nice. All in all, it was a great 5 days off and it didn't fly by too fast which is another plus.

Now I'm 30 - which is strange.

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