Jesus has risen....on my birthday

Today is Friday for me and to say I'm excited is a vast understatement. It feels like the last day of school except unfortunately, I DO have to return to work next Tuesday rather than being able to leave behind one year and start a brand new one later.

My 30th birthday is on Easter Sunday this year and since state employees already get Friday off for Good Friday, I've decided to take Thursday and Monday just to pad my already long weekend. I'm not sure what's in store for the weekend, but here's what I know of so far. Tomorrow I might be able to have my hair cut and/or colored. Mostly I want it colored b/c I've got tons of greys and that ticks me off! Who wants to turn 30 with a bunch of grey hair? Otherwise, I plan on just running whatever errands I think of, maybe taking Three for a walk around the neighborhood (although Seth will say "that won't happen") or I might get my nails done.

Friday, my mom and I are going to look at a 1950's house in Smithfield with my real estate agent. I'm excited to see it although we still haven't sold so it's not like we can buy. It's really nice and "adult" looking. After that, we might go get nails done (if I don't go on Thursday) while Seth stays with my dad. He's so good about that and I know my mom enjoys getting away even if just for a few hours.

Saturday we are having another open house from 1-4pm so I'm not sure what we'll do to kill that time, but we have reservations for dinner at The Angus Barn on Saturday night. That should be nice - we don't get to go out to a nice dinner often. We said we were going to go to the AB for our anniversary, but that didn't happen. I think I had a final exam that night and Seth was at some sort of focus group. how romantic.

Sunday is my actual birthday and we'll go to church as usual and then we're headed to my parent's house for Easter lunch/my birthday with my family and Seth's. Then I'll be resting on Monday. YAY for a 5 day weekend!

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