Idol - Kristy Lee Cook

While not surprising, I felt bad for Kristy Lee last night. She was only safe - free and clear - once, I think, and that was just last week. I felt like she was getting better and doing well, and it stinks that her time was finally up.

On another note, while Brooke is a good singer, her goodie-goodie thing is bordering on really annoying at this point. I can't describe it, but it's really over the top.


It's Official!

We are officially under contract to purchase our new home! It's very exciting and we know something could still pop up to mess things up, but we're thinking as positively as we can right now. We have a 1pm inspection, a 3pm walk-through, and a 5pm meeting with our lender today. Not to mention I have class from 6-9:30pm tonight. Today is a HUGE day!


House Update

So in the last week, we received an offer on our townhouse which we've accepted and as I type we're making an offer on what we hope to be our future new home. I've included a pic:

We're keeping our fingers crossed and I'll update again when we know what happens!

Idol - Michael Johns (WTF?)

Finally a week that shocked me! I can't BELIEVE Michael Johns got the boot this week. I couldn't disagree more. Not only did he have a great accent, was adorable, and could sing, but he had a personality, too. I have no idea what happened there - it's like Chris Daughtry all over again. Sometimes I think the voters get too convinced that their favorites are sho-ins and then they end up in the bottom 3 or even worse they get voted off. Kristy Lee Cook is a lucky duck!


Idol - Ramiele Malubay

While I'm not surprised by last night's vote-off, I think that Ramiele is a good singer, but I just don't think she's mature enough to be able to shake off her nerves and shyness to put forth all the effort and energy it takes to shine. Clearly, she can sing, but she chose bad songs just about every week and never moved on stage. She even admitted that this week by saying "I had fun and I walked for the first time."

I felt bad for her b/c you could hear her bawling in Kristy Lee Cook's arms, but I wasn't shocked at all. If anything, I was surprised to see Brooke in the bottom 3, but like Seth said, her niceness and reactions to the criticism are almost becoming annoying. Not sure if her bottom 3 appearance will be a fluke as it seemed Carly's was.

Aside from the results, Simon seemed cranky on Tuesday's episode. I normally agree with him 98% of the time, but we were on opposite sides of the table the entire episode. I thought that Jason Castro was awesome just as Syesha was awesome. It was annoying that they kept comparing her to Whitney Houston when the clip with Dolly CLEARLY showed that she wasn't trying to be Whitney and, in fact, sang the song differently on purpose to avoid that comparison. She was great - they didn't give her near enough credit.

My faves in this whole mess are David Archuleta, Jason Castro and Carly Smithson. We'll see what happens!