House pics

I've finally remembered to get the (few) new pics of our house off our camera. I still need to get photos of the interior, but it's still a work in progress. We've got no pics on the walls yet, and not paint either, but I hope to take some pics soon and I guess they'll serve as before pics for the after pics that will come in the future. For now, here are a few pics we took during our final walk-through.


The Swell Season - Concert Review

Seth and I drove to Richmond, VA, on Friday to hear The Swell Season at Toad's Place. While we were none-too-pleased with Toad's Place, it's hard to even type the word "bad" in any sentence that contains the band The Swell Season. Toad's Place is a standing room only music venue and was our closest option to Raleigh to see this band. Raleigh was sold out before I even found out they were coming to Raleigh, so we went to Richmond. I'm far too old to attend a standing room only show so I wasn't impressed one bit with this place. To my disappointment, we left the show early and spent the majority of the time just trying to get a glimpse of the band.

When we first got there, I was able to grab a place to stand up on a stair so I was able to see above heads very easily. As the place filled up, it got super-hot and was shoulder to shoulder - an environment in which I do NOT do well. About 3 songs into their set (and around 10pm) I had to go. Seth and I left our decent standing place and opted to try the upstairs, but that didn't work well either. There was a balcony but if you didn't have a spot overlooking the band, you couldn't really see them at all. It was sad.

We've decided to take a road trip to Boston in September to see them again - this time in a seated venue. Hopefully, the folks in the venue won't decide to stand up the whole time. It's much more enjoyable when you've got a seat to sit in and folks are at least organized. I sounds like such an old woman. Anyway, we're excited to visit a new city and get a second chance to hear this awesome band.

Here's a (fairly long) video of their performance of the Oscar-WINNING song, "Falling Slowly" that we took from the balcony. Towards the end of the song, Glen tells their story about winning the Oscar, which makes this video pretty awesome to have in our collection. This footage was shot by Seth by holding our camera over people's heads. Don't be fooled - we did NOT get balcony views with our own eyes - only with the cameras.


Idol - Jason, Seyesha and The Davids

Just to catch up on Idol for a bit...I was sad to see Jason Castro go b/c I really like his style and his voice. I don't know that the was ever really comfortable with center stage, though. I'm not sure he'll be gone for good - I think he'll get picked up by a label somewhere and do just fine. He doesn't seem to be craving the attention of thousands of fans and cameras and red carpets, so I hope to see him out there later just being the mellow, cool guy that he seems to be. Hopefully, he'll stop being so awkward in front of the camera.

I have to say I was really pulling for Seyesha. I am TOTALLY convinced that the judges didn't want her to win over either of the Davids and that's why they just wouldn't give up the praise. I thought she was getting better and better but no matter what, from week to week, the judges just WOULD NOT tell her anything wonderful. And it was very un-Paula like to straight up say "I don't think that was good enough to get you to the finals." I just didn't get it - Seyesha was a wonderful singer, but I think the judges weren't being fair with her. For some reason, I think the wanted one of the David's to win for marketing reasons. Perhaps one of them could sell more records, but they could've at least given Seyesha the praise she deserves.

The Davids - not sure how I feel about these 2 in the finals. I haven't really cared for David Cook from the beginning. After last night's footage of his trip home, he seemed more like a nice human being than the smug person he seems to be on the show. Maybe I'm just reading him wrong, but I just couldn't love him like so many seem to. I also don't think he's unique or original. He sounds just like any other Goo Goo Dolls-esque singer and I don't think he'll be that interesting in 6 months. David Archuleta seems to be a better, more talented singer, but he, too, is just SO shy and awkward. I guess that's from being 17, but who knows...he's adorable and humble and seems to be a nice kid. I think this is the first time since Clay and Reuben that it's been 2 guys battling for the win. We'll see what happens...I can't call it, it seems too close to know who could take the title. Both doods have 2 different followings.



This just in - I am DONE with the Paralegal Program! I'm sitting here, home alone, just after finishing my final exam, but excited to be done. It seems surreal right now, but hopefully when they mail me my certificate it'll be more final. I can't believe I made it. This semester has flown by (as opposed to last) and I'm SOOO elated to be finished. Now I can have my life back and can enjoy not having any school responsibilities or long nights of class after work.

YAY ME! I'm sitting here eating Baked Doritos and salsa and having a Woodchuck Cider. YUM!

We've moved!

Well - we made it! We finally bought and moved into our very first house together. Seth is a second-time home buyer, but it was my first time and our first time as a married couple to make such a huge purchase and investment.

We moved last Wednesday which was the craziest day on earth. It literally felt like there weren't enough hours in the day and no matter how fast and frantic we moved, we weren't moving along fast enough for an unnamed buyer and her real estate agent, AKA: Satan. I won't elaborate or else all 3 people that read my blog will know I'm a terrible person.

Anyway, we are loving our new home and I will post pictures soon. We've got stuff put in place for the most part, but still have quite a few odds and ends to put away. The only snag was that our old sectional sofa would NOT fit into the bonus room. Seth and I are going to take a day trip to IKEA in Virginia this Saturday and buy new furniture for that room. Should be a fun trip. I heart IKEA and this is the perfect kind of room to go to IKEA for.

We met several neighbors last night and they all seem very cool. A tad older than us, but not like mom and dad old - maybe late 30s, early 40s. I'm happy to hear from each of them that the neighbors are nice and they even told us about some get-togethers they like to have at different parts of the year. Maybe they'll help Seth and I branch out and be more social.

I'll write more later and try to post pictures. I need to find the camera first!

Idol - Brooke White

I've got several blog entries to write so this is going to be short and sweet. Brooke - I agree it was her time to go - she's good, but not consistently good. Her perpetual niceness, politeness, etc, had actually turned quite annoying. I'm happy to see Seyesha is in the top 4! She's great and they just WILL NOT give her the props she deserves. Bye Brooke!