Idol - Jason, Seyesha and The Davids

Just to catch up on Idol for a bit...I was sad to see Jason Castro go b/c I really like his style and his voice. I don't know that the was ever really comfortable with center stage, though. I'm not sure he'll be gone for good - I think he'll get picked up by a label somewhere and do just fine. He doesn't seem to be craving the attention of thousands of fans and cameras and red carpets, so I hope to see him out there later just being the mellow, cool guy that he seems to be. Hopefully, he'll stop being so awkward in front of the camera.

I have to say I was really pulling for Seyesha. I am TOTALLY convinced that the judges didn't want her to win over either of the Davids and that's why they just wouldn't give up the praise. I thought she was getting better and better but no matter what, from week to week, the judges just WOULD NOT tell her anything wonderful. And it was very un-Paula like to straight up say "I don't think that was good enough to get you to the finals." I just didn't get it - Seyesha was a wonderful singer, but I think the judges weren't being fair with her. For some reason, I think the wanted one of the David's to win for marketing reasons. Perhaps one of them could sell more records, but they could've at least given Seyesha the praise she deserves.

The Davids - not sure how I feel about these 2 in the finals. I haven't really cared for David Cook from the beginning. After last night's footage of his trip home, he seemed more like a nice human being than the smug person he seems to be on the show. Maybe I'm just reading him wrong, but I just couldn't love him like so many seem to. I also don't think he's unique or original. He sounds just like any other Goo Goo Dolls-esque singer and I don't think he'll be that interesting in 6 months. David Archuleta seems to be a better, more talented singer, but he, too, is just SO shy and awkward. I guess that's from being 17, but who knows...he's adorable and humble and seems to be a nice kid. I think this is the first time since Clay and Reuben that it's been 2 guys battling for the win. We'll see what happens...I can't call it, it seems too close to know who could take the title. Both doods have 2 different followings.

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