The Swell Season - Concert Review

Seth and I drove to Richmond, VA, on Friday to hear The Swell Season at Toad's Place. While we were none-too-pleased with Toad's Place, it's hard to even type the word "bad" in any sentence that contains the band The Swell Season. Toad's Place is a standing room only music venue and was our closest option to Raleigh to see this band. Raleigh was sold out before I even found out they were coming to Raleigh, so we went to Richmond. I'm far too old to attend a standing room only show so I wasn't impressed one bit with this place. To my disappointment, we left the show early and spent the majority of the time just trying to get a glimpse of the band.

When we first got there, I was able to grab a place to stand up on a stair so I was able to see above heads very easily. As the place filled up, it got super-hot and was shoulder to shoulder - an environment in which I do NOT do well. About 3 songs into their set (and around 10pm) I had to go. Seth and I left our decent standing place and opted to try the upstairs, but that didn't work well either. There was a balcony but if you didn't have a spot overlooking the band, you couldn't really see them at all. It was sad.

We've decided to take a road trip to Boston in September to see them again - this time in a seated venue. Hopefully, the folks in the venue won't decide to stand up the whole time. It's much more enjoyable when you've got a seat to sit in and folks are at least organized. I sounds like such an old woman. Anyway, we're excited to visit a new city and get a second chance to hear this awesome band.

Here's a (fairly long) video of their performance of the Oscar-WINNING song, "Falling Slowly" that we took from the balcony. Towards the end of the song, Glen tells their story about winning the Oscar, which makes this video pretty awesome to have in our collection. This footage was shot by Seth by holding our camera over people's heads. Don't be fooled - we did NOT get balcony views with our own eyes - only with the cameras.


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