Roz Savage

Over the last several weeks, Seth and I have been listening to a podcast during our morning car ride into downtown. It's just enough time for the entire podcast (20-25 mins) depending on traffic and it's a nice way to sort of forget that you're headed to icky ole work.

I'll have to give the credit to my hubby for getting me hooked on the podcast, he told me about it and it sounded interesting and we've been listening together ever since. The podcast is "Roz rows the Pacific" with Leo Laporte. The entire episode consists of Leo calling Roz Savage on her satellite phone and they chat about Roz's progress. The interesting part is that Roz is currently engaged in an ocean row across the Pacific Ocean - solo. She's rowed the Atlantic Ocean and this is her second attempt to row the Pacific. So far, she's doing way better than her first attempt which ended 100 miles off the California coast in an air-lift rescue by the US Coast Guard. She was OK, but her boat has capsized 3 times in 24 hours and someone called the USCG on her behalf (I don't think she was appreciative as she didn't want to be rescued so quickly).
Anyway - during the podcast we get updates on her progress - although all of her info is on her website, she just talks about it on the show as well - she talks about books she's listening to from audible.com, and she discusses ocean conditions, maintenance issues and other things that folks are generally curious about when they think of an ocean row (like how she goes to the bathroom).

It's the most amazing thing - this woman is so calm and together and you'd think you were talking to someone who was just away on vacation having a blast. She doesn't come across stressed and has a really great attitude about everything going on aboard her tiny vessel. Of course, she puts on a little for the podcast and admits to more dark and serious emotions and outbursts when she's on the boat, but in general she seems to understand her situation and the realities of being alone at sea. She's got great insight into life and it helps to listen to her speak of her own experiences and life lessons learned.

You can check out Roz's website at RozSavage.com. I highly recommend her blog for those who need a cure for boredom. It's addictive. Below is a picture of Roz's row boat on the night of her 2008 launch. She left San Francisco at midnight and it took her an hour just to get under the Golden Gate Bridge - having been there, I can understand what took so long to get out of the bay - the Pacific comes rolling into the bay like crazy right under the bridge, also pictured below.
All pictures copyright Roz Savage (except the one below which is copyright the McFarlands :))


Definitely, Maybe

During the last few weeks, I've been finding my way back to one of my great loves...movies. I've watched so many it's sort of sad and makes me feel extremely lazy, but it's helped me remember how much I love them and, quite frankly, I've enjoyed watching them ALL!

Some of them have been watched purely for pleasure and not for their artistic value, and others have been watched because the trailer looked interesting - and they've turned out to be really great. 2 cases-in-point: Chaos Theory & Definitely, Maybe. Both of these have one thing in common: Ryan Reynolds. I first heard of RR back in the day (I'm talking WAY back in the day) when he was on this HORRID teen soap opera on Nickelodeon called "Fifteen." He was one of the youngest kids on there and when the show went off, Ryan disappeared and I really had no interest in him. But I've seen him pop up through the years and always remembered where I first saw him act. He was on "2 Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place" and then...nothing. Then I heard he was engaged to Alanis Morrisette, then....nothing. Then I watch 2 movies back to back with him in them and I've got a new fave actor for the moment.

Chaos Theory was an interesting movie. Ryan plays this husband and father who pretty much lives his life by his lists and down to the very minute - no spare time for surprises or being spontaneous. Then one day, his wife sets the clocks forward causing him to miss his ferry to work and his whole day gets crazy messed up but in the end, is very revealing. It's a cool movie to watch, I'd highly recommend it (although The New York Times wouldn't). We found it on AppleTV, otherwise I hadn't heard of it and might not have watched it otherwise. I will give this to AppleTV - it's cool to flip through movies and be able to watch the trailers before deciding which one to rent or buy. I'm sure Seth appreciates that as well since it's hard to get me to watch something I've never heard of just going by the title.

Definitely, Maybe was GREAT. I watched it last night and it's one of the most creative and interesting ways to tell a love story I've ever seen. It made it really enjoyable and kept me on my toes the entire time. Plus, the chemistry between RR and his on-screen daughter, Abigail Breslin, is just too adorable. He plays a great dad and she's the fun, cool, sweet daughter you'd love to adopt. Basically, the little girl wants to know the story of how her dad met her mom, but he's always told her he'd share that when she was older (complicated love story!). But one night she insists so he decides to tell her, but changes all the girls' names and the little girl has to figure out which of his former girlfriends is her biological mom (she actually knows her mother, but when we meet the characters, the father is signing divorce papers...she has to figure out which story matches the mother she knows). It was really good - also highly recommended.

Movies were one of the first things Seth and I bonded over. We both love them and I had forgotten how much I love them. Heck, I had dreams of being a director when I was in college! I can't think of anything more rewarding than being able to immerse yourself into a project and see it come out as magic on the big screen. Guess that will always remain a dream of mine :)


Idol - Better late than never

I just realized I never shared my feelings on the American Idol finale. I'll make it short...disappointed. I was never a David Cook fan. His voice sounds like all the others out there and he seemed smug and cocky through the whole thing. He got better towards the end, but at that point, there wasn't enough time for me to swing to his side and support him. Bleh...another disappointing AI year.

it's a nice day for a.....white westie

Here's the most recent pic of our pooch perched atop our guest bed. She's the cutest!


Opportunity came knockin'

Two weeks ago I interviewed for a job with The Title Company of NC. The opportunity came up on short notice and the interview went well. I was offered the job on Wednesday, but called to turn it down on Friday. I'm surprised at myself but also sort of proud.

The job itself would've more than likely been fine, but something in my gut told me not to take it. I still can't put a finger on what that was, but I turned it down and feel no regrets. I don't know that I will regret it b/c I don't know what I would be missing. The job was as an underwriter & escrow account manager. It would've been something I would learn totally on the job. My paralegal certificate would've been the base I needed for the job, but the actual job functions would be on-the-job training - which is fine, at least there aren't expectations coming in!

I was so stressed the week I was to give my decision - it was hanging over my head mostly because I could tell that they really wanted me to join their team. I talked to Seth, my mom, even Teri, one of my teachers from the program. I think Seth wanted to shoot me last week because I was so moody from the stress, but the decision was so difficult for several reasons. Part of me wants to move on from my current job, but part of me wants to finish out with this administration and see what happens next. Something just wasn't right with this job and lucky for me, they were totally professional when I declined the offer. WHEW!

I feel much more at peace and am glad that I have no regrets. My current job is a bear and somehow in the 2.5 years I've been here, I've bonded with my 4 co-workers and surprisingly (to me) I felt sad about leaving them before the administration was out. Unless something I just can't pass up comes along, I think I'm going to stay put, finish this mess out with my co-workers and depending on who our next Governor is, I may stay (hopefully in a different position) or find another job somewhere else. It'd be great to find something I could do from home, but I suppose not everyone is so lucky to be able to be home during the day and learn to balance working and relaxing! (I'd like to try it though :))


SATC & Other junk

I had planned to go see the SATC movie on Sunday with my sis-in-law, Shelly, but I got sick over the weekend and had to postpone our outing. I'm dying to see it - so I'm hoping we can go this weekend maybe. I think Seth is going to go as well although he might be mad at me for putting that out there :) Any man that watches SATC is totally rad IMO.

On another front, I've got ideas for decorating out new house spinning around in my head like crazy. I'm definitely getting that itch to start painting, but what color? Which room first? That's where I'm stuck. I finally put the first hole(s) in the walls and hung a couple of pictures this week - so that's step 1. I'm feeling ready to paint a couple of walls in our living room and possibly the hall bathroom and hallway downstairs. I've found some super-cool wall decals that look like so much fun to use and even Candace Olsen has used them on her show. I need to chose wisely, though - they are between $35-60 a set.

Lastly, I've got an interview on Monday with The Title Company of North Carolina. I sort of think I got lucky on this one, but I'm looking forward to meeting with them to see what the company and work will be like. I feel pretty positive about this one so I hope they like me. The job popped up b/c the current employee's husband got transferred to Virginia. As luck would have it, I had been communicating via email with this lady asking questions about her work field in general. She loves her job and has been doing it for 15 years. When she found out her husband had gotten transferred, she passed my name along to the VP and the VP called my teacher from Meredith to ask if I might be interested. Sweet! The office is in the tall, tall BB&T building downtown on the 23rd floor. YIKES! I'm excited, but we'll see what happens.