Opportunity came knockin'

Two weeks ago I interviewed for a job with The Title Company of NC. The opportunity came up on short notice and the interview went well. I was offered the job on Wednesday, but called to turn it down on Friday. I'm surprised at myself but also sort of proud.

The job itself would've more than likely been fine, but something in my gut told me not to take it. I still can't put a finger on what that was, but I turned it down and feel no regrets. I don't know that I will regret it b/c I don't know what I would be missing. The job was as an underwriter & escrow account manager. It would've been something I would learn totally on the job. My paralegal certificate would've been the base I needed for the job, but the actual job functions would be on-the-job training - which is fine, at least there aren't expectations coming in!

I was so stressed the week I was to give my decision - it was hanging over my head mostly because I could tell that they really wanted me to join their team. I talked to Seth, my mom, even Teri, one of my teachers from the program. I think Seth wanted to shoot me last week because I was so moody from the stress, but the decision was so difficult for several reasons. Part of me wants to move on from my current job, but part of me wants to finish out with this administration and see what happens next. Something just wasn't right with this job and lucky for me, they were totally professional when I declined the offer. WHEW!

I feel much more at peace and am glad that I have no regrets. My current job is a bear and somehow in the 2.5 years I've been here, I've bonded with my 4 co-workers and surprisingly (to me) I felt sad about leaving them before the administration was out. Unless something I just can't pass up comes along, I think I'm going to stay put, finish this mess out with my co-workers and depending on who our next Governor is, I may stay (hopefully in a different position) or find another job somewhere else. It'd be great to find something I could do from home, but I suppose not everyone is so lucky to be able to be home during the day and learn to balance working and relaxing! (I'd like to try it though :))

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