We love some TV in our house. That's perhaps a bad thing in the grand scheme of things, but oh how I love reality TV. It wouldn't be right of me to miss an episode of any such guilty pleasure!

Since summer is upon us that means no new episodes of our fave programs. boooo. However, I have come upon several new summer shows that I'm currently loving. Here's a list of what I'm watching: Denise Richards: It's Complicated, The Two Coreys, Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, Living Lohan, Legally Blonde: The Search for the New Elle Woods, The First 48, and Colorsplash (this one isn't new, but I LOVE it).

OK! Now that I've linked you to death...I have decided that watching celebrities on TV probably comes closer to accurate than reading about them in the tabloids and gossip magazines. While I'm well-aware of the magic of editing, I still like to believe that the editors don't leave all of the "true self" footage on the cutting room floor and that we're really getting an accurate view of their real lives and real personalities. I've always been a loyal fan to a fault (read: Clay Aiken) and will pull for these folks when everyone else is pushing. I do give up at times when they really cross the lines with the oddities (read: Clay Aiken), although I can't say I've ever turned full force from being a fan to hating anyone.

I just discovered The Two Coreys the other night and have apparently missed an entire first season. I caught up on Season 2 on Tuesday and watched 4 episodes. This show follows the 2 big Coreys of the 80's - Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. They were apparently BFFs during the 80s and looooong story short - they have a major war going on. Haim is messed up - I feel bad for him. I hope the seasons ends well. Their relationship is so odd. I can't even describe it. I could say "They love each other," but then would immediately be forced to say "They hate each other and can't be in the same room sometimes." It's really a "yougottawatchityourself" type of show.

A&E has good stuff. I might have to put it near HGTV & Food Network as "channel I watch alotalotalotalot." We'll see. So far, they're supplying me with 2 Coreys and the First 48 - which our life insurance agent recommended to us - and it's all about people who get murdered and the homicide detective's first 48 hours after the murder. Odd recommendation from an unlikely source.

I don't usually TiVo many shows on HGTV and Food Network because it seems I'm already watching them anyway - no need to record. However, I have really gotten into Colorsplash recently. I love David's style and designs. I don't think there's been a room yet that I've not loved and would want in my own house...besides a kids room or something. I'm not totally sure when his show comes on so I started TiVoing it - besides, it's way better to be able to fast forward through commercials than to sit through them. I have a nerdy confession, though - part of why I love his show is the gorgeous cinematography - it's like Everyday Italian - so beautifully shot and it makes my desire to live in California even stronger.

Hope that I can get off my butt at some point and not watch TV, but really, what else is there to do? I know, I know, get on the elliptical, however - it's BROKEN! Yes, after only 3 or 4 uses, the plastic cover on the "guts" has worn down and is getting shaved off as it spins (so I guess I shouldn't use it) so we're having to have a repair dood come check it out. Until then - it's TV time.

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