...is what got my husband out of bed at 6:20 this morning (as opposed to his normal 7:10 or so) and out of the house at 7:05 (as opposed to our normal 7:50.

He's got both our old iPhones in his possession as he waits ever-so-patiently in line for one singular bright shiny new iPhone 3G. Last year, Seth got an iPhone on day one...and I got mine on day two. The same formula will ensue this year. I would never deny my Apple-loving hubby the joy of getting his hands on the first iPhone in our house (even though I will secretly be wanting mine like NOW! but I can wait). I like to think my patience in the electronics & gadgets arena make for a good marriage.

Seth first went to an AT&T store near our house. He reported back that they only had 25 phones and that there were more people in line than 25. Makes you wonder why even person 26 and up are even standing there. You'd think that person 26 would just keep appearing and then leaving, appearing then leaving when they found out their unfortunate fate of being #26. I wonder how many of them drove off thinking, "DARN! If I had only left the house 10 seconds earlier, would I have been lucky #25?!?"

Anyway, so Seth got to the Apple Store at Crabtree at 8:00 to get in line. He reported later that the lines were slow because AT&T servers were very slow. At one time he had about 150 people in front of him, but at last update there were 30 people in front of him. I'm thinking his day at the office is a wash, but I know George is hoping he'll come back soon to get a glimpse of the phone (that's mostly b/c he's a loser).

They are limiting people to one phone per customer which I find stupid b/c HEY! how many men do you think are there that have WIVES waiting in the wings for these things. GEESH. I shall get mine tomorrow hopefully. Last year, we were able to swoop in the next day and get one, no lines, no headaches, no problem. It inspired me to point and laugh at all those fools that waited for hours the previous day. To me, there's nothing to be said for standing in line on day one "just to say you were there." You were miserable and no one cared 24 hours later. Yep, you're the big deal for sure, playa.

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