Coming soon to a mall near you

Just when we think we've seen it all, along comes this delivery:

Easley-Obama Fist Bump

Yes, people. It's things like this that are rare but that keep us on toes - or in this case, on the floor laughing our asses off.

A homeless woman came by the office today to drop this off. Bless her heart, she is homeless (according to my boss she smelled reeeeeally bad), but she's decided to start making things like this to try and make some money.

Here's a close-up of the heads. Interesting to note, Obama is wearing part of the US flag as a scarf.  At first, we thought the "N" in the lower left was just a rogue letter, but we were later informed that it is to be read "Bump N Up for Obama" - we're just stupid, that's all.

I know you're all wishing you worked here, now, suckas! This kind of entertainment can only be come by in an elected official's office, I swear.

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