Me write for pretty swimmer

I usually couldn't care less about the folks or organizations for whom I must write letters at work, but today a most interesting request came across my desk. The charge was to write letters to all the Olympic athletes from North Carolina who competed and/or won medals at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

There are 11 names on the list - 3 of which were medal-winners, 2 of which were GOLD medal winners.

Again, because I've written probably close to 1,000 letters for various events and things since I've been here, not much excites me or makes me CARE all that much when composing said letters. But...ME? I get to write congratulatory letters for OLYMPIC ATHLETES? Fuuuuuuuuuun.

I looked the medal winners up on ole trusty Google and.....realized. one. swam. the. 4x200m Freestyle Relay - THE relay. The relay which caused the abs of 4 of the best swimmers in the world to show themselves silly. The recipient of my letter is to the left of Phelps in the picture above (the one whose face you can actually see).  I shouldn't be excited to write the letter, but I am. No claim to fame, but because it's just little ole me who gets the chance to send my writing to an Olympic Champion on behalf of our state's Governor.  While it's not technically "my" letter - my cute little initials DO appear on the page and everyone knows that when you see MFE/kwm that really kwm wrote that dang stuff.

The other gold medal winner receiving a letter participated in the Women's Eight event in Rowing, and one bronze medal winner in the Men's 400M hurdles. I don't usually get too thrilled over work letters, but I'll take excitement when I can get it and this is pretty fun.


  1. Now that IS cool! I guess there's no way for you to post your letter, is there? Who was it anyway (or can you say??)

  2. Saw your comment at Amalah on the Seth thing. To make you feel better (not that you actually need it):

    1. a few years ago one of the kids I taught was named Seth and he was the cutest kid in the world, and very sweet too.
    2. This is like a top 5 name for me to want to name one of my kids.
    3. When I told the girls at work that I wanted to name my kid Seth, they were like hmmmmm I don't know any Seth's but I imagine someone named Seth to be very good looking as an adult.
    4. A gal I know just named her baby Seth and it has been met with rave reviews!!!!

    Happy Labour Day! Hope you get a day off from work!