Non-toxic goodness

I am stupidly excited about receiving a color fan deck from Mythic Paint.

Unfortunately, the paint doesn't seem to be available anywhere nearby so I have to order it online. This line of paints is 0% toxic to you, your family, pets, and the environment. It comes in more than 1,200 colors and shipping is FREE! That's right - FREE! At first I assumed shipping would ruin it cost-wise since paint tends to be quite heavy, but since it's free then it'll be just like buying it at a local home improvement store.

I'm not a hardcore green freak just yet, but am very interested in green products that are also stunningly beautiful or just plain obvious with their greatness. With such a huge color variety and wonderful benefits, I see no reason not to use Mythic Paint. I hope to see it come to a dealer in the Triangle some time soon...then I won't have to wait the time it takes to ship the paint. (This is all assuming I'm going to get over my fear of committing to a paint color in our new house. I've got severe painter's block or something!).

[caption id="attachment_140" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Oh Mythic, save me from mah funk!"]Oh Mythic, save me from mah funk![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_139" align="alignleft" width="245" caption="Ed Begley, Jr.'s kitchen counter tops"]Ed Begley, Jr.'s kitchen counter tops[/caption]

Another of my favorite green products that I'm dying to use (but probably won't get to for a long time) are Vetrazzo counter tops.  They are made from recycled glass and are just gorgeous. You may have seen them on "Living with Ed" on HGTV. Before we bought our house, I had dreams of installing these counter tops if we found a home that needed some updating or renovations. We've got granite, but I suppose we could always install them in our bathrooms :) Then again, part of being green is not wasting materials - our current stuff is not ready for the landfill!

According to FedEx tracking, my fan deck should be arriving tomorrow. Maybe this will be the inspiration and the motivation to commit to colors for the house and get me started. Should be fun to paint knowing I'm not putting anything toxic into the air or into my home. Guess that means Three could eat the stuff and be just fine.  We shant test that theory.

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  1. oooo, i really wanted us to use richlite countertops in our kitchen...it's a paper/hemp product! so kewl. but...SO expensive, unfortunately. we're happy with jarrad's concrete creation, in the end :)

    keep us posted on how well the mystic paint works. (i.e. how many coats does it take to cover well)...