I don't partake in the popular American morning ritual of a cup of coffee and the morning paper. Never have, probably never will - especially with our nation's newspapers going slowly down the tubes. I do, however, have a ritual for each morning I arrive at work. There are a small number of blogs that I look forward to checking in on to see what the latest news and happenings are, or just to check in on the life of a stranger.

This morning I had a huge AH-HA moment! I was reading an article on mamapop.com and was SO THRILLED to find an awesomely perfect parallel to my job. The article is about a new bestselling book out called Waiter Rant.  I've never waited on tables and intend on keeping it that way, but I can totally relate to the following from the review on mamapop.com:
The world seems to be split into two populations. Those who have waited on people and those who haven't and those who haven't...just don't get it. What's the big deal? How hard could it be?

It's so hard. So, SO tough. It's physically exhausting, it's emotionally draining, ....

And then...there are customers. Most of the time, waiting tables passes without incidents or with minor irritations at most. And then there are people who are just downright sociopaths and IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT THAT THEIR NICOISE IS LOOKING AT THEM FUNNY. And, you know, you can laugh about it years later, but at the time it f**** with your livelihood and, for most people, just makes you want to sink into a little puddle on the floor and die.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Thank you kdiddy whom I do not know, but thank so very, very much for putting that out there so scrumptiously well.  I've read that last paragraph over and over and it's just the most brilliant parallel to working in an environment and having to take calls from random citizens. Maybe next time I eat out, I'll leave a bigger tip - not that I leave small ones, usually 20%! everywhere! - but maybe an extra large tip - because I FEEL THEIR PAIN.

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