A&E is my new BFF

Well, yes, I've been watching TV again. And...falling in love with pure silliness, folks!  If you've not yet checked out the shows on A&E, I highly recommend you do so ASAP. If you're anything like most normal human-beings and enjoy laughing at the stupidity, accidental hilarity, and plain ole foolishness of other humans, then A&E is for you.

In addition to being addicted to The First 48, I can predict that I will soon be able to add Speeders and The Principals Office to that list (sadly, I've had to removed The Two Coreys until Haim can get his junk together and the show can come back on the air). Maybe I was blind when I was in high school, but sweet fancy moses! kids are about as stupid as they come. They are so full of themselves, but it's fun to watch and reminisce about all those times in high school when we used wallow in the drama of kids getting in trouble. I haven't seen an episode of Speeders yet, but the TiVo is at home faithfully recording episodes in my absence.

I also laughed out loud while home alone last night at The Smoking Gun Presents: World Dumbest Partiers. heheheheeee...still laughing at the first dood in that clip who says he's with the CIA. There just aren't words for some of these people. This is really stuff that no one could ever come up with.

As far as The First 48, I'm the first to admit I've gotten a bit obsessed. The TiVo is not to keep more than 5 episodes at a time and it always seems we've got 5 to watch so usually I watch them marathon-style. I was like this with Forensic Files when I first discovered it. What is it with me a murder shows.  I don't even distinguish anymore...I just say to Seth, "I'm going to watch sum murda."  He's like IMAGINE THAT, WAY TO EXPAND YOUR MIND, HONEY, AND REBUILD YOUR FAITH IN HUMANITY.

Yeah, not so much.

As with Deadliest Catch, I'm starting to develop "favorite" detectives. Am loving Sgt. Caroline Mason and Lt. Joe Schillaci. Miami and Memphis seem to get most of the action. Wow. I should get a life. Really.

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