Obama rally in Raleigh!

Seriously? How could you NOT be inspired by this man. Seriously.

I had the privilege of attending the Obama Vote Early for Change rally in downtown Raleigh today. It's days like today that being a state employee pays off. Working in a building just a block from the rally was handy and wonderful.  I left my office at 9:30am to meet up with Seth at his office which is right on Halifax Mall where the rally was held. We were able to get into the mall a tad early and got a great spot right near the front.  We were right under a press pool and somehow were in an area that wasn't stuffed to the gills with people (good for my anxiety level).  It was chilly and windy, but eventually warmed up to the point I had to shed my coat and hand it off to the hubby. I left my "comfy shoes" in the car and had heels on so I spent most of the rally either on my tip toes or with the heels of my shoes sunk in the soft ground. Not so easy for taking pics, but I think I did well with the camera given my wardrobe circumstances.

The crowd was happy and energized and clearly thrilled to be a part of something so fabulous and important.  Obama came out a little after noon and spoke for 45 minutes or so. It was inspiring just to be within feet of him as he encouraged people to get out and either vote early, vote on November 4th, and/or encourage friends, family, and even neighbors and strangers to be sure to vote. I was proud to be part of a crowd of folks (many of whom couldn't even get close enough to see him, and had to settle for only hearing him) who recognize the need for something and someONE new, fresh, and intelligent to lead our country into a better place. I believe in my heart of hearts that Senator Obama is the man for the job. I get chills listening to him speak. I've never been so excited to participate in an election. I've been of age to vote for several elections now but this one is different. I feel like my vote counts. I feel like everyone's votes count more than ever.  I am proud to be part of something this big and this important both from a historical and political perspective.

I got a ton of great photos at the rally! And I'll leave you with this video. GO VOTE!

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