Woah, BABY!

Perhaps I should take a hint or something, but I find myself surrounded by babies recently. Not terribly recently, but I'd say at least in the last 6 months.  I don't know if I'm actually gravitating towards the subject subconsciously or what, but it seems I find myself reading about or hearing about babies, babies, babies!

I've never really been a huge fan of babies. Probably because they make me nervous. I just feel awkward around them or like I'm going to break them or hold them wrong or make them cry. Then there are kids. Again, I feel intimidated by kids for some reason. I was never a babysitter growing up and during the times my cousins were born I was either too young to know what to do with them, or I was in my awkward teenage years before you start feeling all motherly, so I didn't spend much time with them, and when they were around they made me nervous so I avoided them. Weird, I know. I've just never been one of those girls/women who squealed with excitement when a baby came into the room. In fact, I think in general those kind of women are ones who've HAD a baby and know how exciting it can be to be a new mom. Just like I have a softer spot for puppies and dogs now that I've got my own - I think it's the same way for women and babies.

It's just odd how these tiny, chubby, deliciously cute people have crept into my life and I'm finding myself softening to the idea of maybe having one of my own some day (soon).  Maybe I'm even looking forward to it, too (?) Here's a list of the baby stalking I'm engaged in:

I am totally addicted to Amalah - who is expecting her 2nd child in 5 days. I don't know her personally, but I feel as if I do and I am so excited for her new baby to arrive and getting to know him through her blog entries. After she was on an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay, I found her blog and pretty much read 5 years worth of entries over the summer. I'm all caught up now and always look forward to her next entry. It's weird, yes.

I also read our friend Anna's blog about being a mom to adorable little Rachel and know she'll have lots more to say when baby #2 arrives very soon!

Another mommy blogger and former co-worker from Meredith whose blog I keep up with is Christy (sorry doods, she's a private blog) who is a new mom to almost 1 year-old Lily. I've learned a lot from Christy & Anna and hope if I'm ever a mom that I'll remember the great tips they've shared.

Melissa (from Real World New Orleans) just found out she's pregnant. I've been reading her blog for more than 5 years and she got married not too long ago and has been trying, trying, TRYING to get pregnant and finally had success. Again, don't know her personally, but she's hilarious and I've just kept up with her blog for years.

We also just found out from 2 sets of friends that they are each expecting their 1st child.

Not to mention our church. Oh goodness. We haven't started going to Sunday school so we don't know any of the younger couples in our church yet, by MY! ARE THEY FERTILE. The young couples sit near the pews we sit in regularly at church and they often get referenced by our pastors as being quite fertile. It seems 5 or 6 of them have been pregnant all at the same time and one of them is apparently pregnant with her 3rd when I swear she just had her 2nd not even 2 seconds ago! It's crazy but they seem to all be excited to have kids together. I'm sure it's nice to know your kids will grow up with your friend's kids.

So we've nailed being parent's to the world's best dog, we've bought ourselves a shiny, new house with 2 spare bedrooms and a big yard, so I guess you might say we're ready if it happens. It DOES sound like fun to decorate a nursery so we'll see what happens.


  1. I am so glad that you said you didn't know Amy from amalah. I found her on your blog and LOVE it!! I thought it would be weird if I linked her on mine if she was your friend..but now, I am sooo linking it!

  2. YES! Link her! Amalah ROCKS! Her little dude, Noah, is SOOO adorable, too.

  3. awww thanks for the shout out! babies are life-changing in SUCH a fun way. i thought i would go brain-dead from lack of intellectual stimulation after quitting work to hang out with a BABY, but it is so full of its own changes and challenges that i don't feel like i'm missing out at all...most of the time. ha!

  4. Oooh, I love Amalah too! I randomly found her when she was pregnant with Noah, and it's been fun to watch him grow.