Four years ago yesterday Seth proposed.  I didn't remember it yesterday, but something reminded me of it when I got to work this morning.

At the time, I was working as a Residence Director at Meredith College and was busy closing the dorms for Thanksgiving break.  I was also taking some courses in Interior Design so I remember being SO ready for a break. It felt just like when I was in college the first time around - professors loaded us up with with tests and projects due just days before a big holiday break. I kept telling myself "If I can just make it 2 more days, I'll be done." It was a super-busy and stressful time being responsible for completing a big project, studying for tests, and making sure 120 some girls got out of the dorm safely and quickly.

If I remember correctly, November 23, 2004, was a Tuesday. Seth and I had spend the previous Sunday not exactly happy with each other and to this day, I have no idea why. Tuesday was the day before the dorms closed for Thanksgiving and I had planned to head to Seth's townhouse in Apex to hang out to celebrate being done with exams and projects.  Seth called me while I was driving over and he was particularly interested in where exactly I was and how long until I thought I'd be at his house. It seemed a little strange, but he must have been able to offer up some sort of reasonable explanation for his odd questioning, so I thought nothing of it.

When I got to the house, I pulled up by the curb out front as usual and headed to the front door. Just to set the scene, our old townhouse had a completely open floor plan downstairs. There were 3 rooms each separated by only partial walls. Upon opening the front door you'd be in the living room, which was separated by a half-wall from the dining room, which was separated by a wall with a large pass-through to the kitchen. So, I opened the front door and went inside. I didn't see Seth, but saw that he had set the dining room table complete with candles and either wine or sparkling cider, and I could smell dinner cooking. Most of it was already on the table. However, no Seth. I thought, "How sweet!" and I called for him thinking he was upstairs...but no answer. Then I thought he must have run across the street to grab the mail while he was waiting for me to arrive. Hmm.

The thought of a proposal had not entered my mind for one single, solitary second. For each question in my head, I was able to come up with a completely reasonable answer or explanation. And then the doorbell rang. I answered it and it was Seth. Still no proposal red flags went up. I remember looking at him like "What the heck are you doing?" and tried to pull him inside. I thought he was trying to make up for our previous Sunday tiff. I was STILL clueless and he was resisting me pulling him inside. Then, he pulled a gorgeous bouquet of a dozen roses from behind his back and in one swift motion got down on one knee right there on our front porch with the door wide open.

DING! DING! DING! I think my proposal alarm finally went off at that point and I covered my face and cried. He said a bunch of sweet things that I wish I could remember and then opened the box to reveal the ring I had picked out months ago. It was a crazy, surreal moment that I can still see so vividly today. There was a recliner right by the door and I remember having to sit down. That's when he put the ring on my finger and I couldn't stop staring at it. My stomach was so full of butterflies that I couldn't eat the dinner Seth made for us! I think he ate it all by himself and then we rushed out to go visit his parents and mine to share the great news! It was a fun night.

This time of year is full of anniversary-type events for us. Starting with our engagement anniversary (which I'm not usually that good at remembering, but it's fun when I do), then Seth's birthday on the 29th and then our wedding anniversary on December 3rd. Throw in there Thanksgiving and Christmas and we've got a fun couple of months full of celebrations. We'll be celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary next week and I'm happy to report that even 3 short years later, I still know I married the world's greatest man :) Thanks for loving me Sethie! I know it's not been easy, but I appreciate and love you more than you know. MUAH!

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