Dear Blog:

I swear I remember you. I have just neglected you for a little while, that's all. I promise I will give you some much-needed attention very soon. You see, work is new right now and *someone* didn't properly prepare so I'm having to work around these oversights which causes my brain to explode each afternoon. But blog, I love you, and I will return to you.



UPDATE - NEVER freaking MIND!! Undercover

So, I'm an idiot. I can only allow other Wordpress users to access my blog if I set it to private. GAH. I don't know about you, but I hate having to sign up for something I'm not going to use just to access one little thing. So I'm not going to make you people do that. I may have to switch back to Blogger, but we'll see.

I started this blog more than a year ago and never wanted to go private with it, but more and more I want to write about my job situation and find myself opting not to. It is a huge part of my life at the moment, but when working for an elected official, it doesn't seem appropriate to have a blog viewable by the masses.

SO - I'm going private. If you would like to continue to have access to my blog, please send me an email to kelley.w.mcfarland@gmail.com and I'll add you to my users list. I'm going to leave this one post up for a week and then I'm going undercover. Depending on what happens with my job I may go public again at some point, but for now, I need to keep my work under the radar.


Stalled out

I can't even begin to describe the scene here at work this week. It's just the most bizarre feeling ever and I've tried to explain it in various ways in a weak attempt to allow others to get it via common experiences.

I returned to work yesterday after having been off since December 23rd. I've not even posted about our lovely Christmas and even lovelier amount of time away from work. I'll have to get to that later. For now, the topic at hand is the great transition. It is a strange thing working for an elected official who is going out of office. As a quick side note, I at least appreciate that we knew he was leaving even before the elections so there was no nail biting hoping he'd win so I could keep my job. However, Friday is the last day for Governor Easley. Monday, Governor-Elect Perdue will be up in here taking charge. However (again), I am still unsure about my future as an employee in this office, in this job, anywhere and it's such a weird sensation.

I applied for a job at the NCGA last Friday that I feel I have a good chance at getting, but I've been screwed before, so I'm being cautiously optomistic and am not counting on anything. Today, I had an interview with someone from Perdue's transition team. Everyone is being given the exact same interview and it was nothing challenging. Just your basic interview. I have no idea what they will be doing with the information from the interview or if I should come to work on Monday for that matter. My interviewer suggested I DO come to work because better to be here than not. We'll not have much to do, but who knows.

I tried to express interest in moving on. That was one of his questions but I brought it up at least one other time in as gracious a manner as I could muster. I was told in my interview for my current job that "this would not be a dead-end job" and "you're going to meet people who will help you move up" blah blah blah BS. It's not happened and I see no reason why a new Governor's staff will move me elsewhere without knowing or meeting me yet. But again, WE'LL SEE, as is the theme phrase for the week.

Over Christmas vacation, my boss left me a couple of voicemails, one of them telling me she has a new job. When I got back yesterday, she further explained that she was not told she wasn't being kept for her current job, she actually read it in the news. That sucks. That hasn't happened to me yet, but I have a low-level loser position that no one wants so I don't know if I expect it to happen or not. Several of the high-ups have accepted appointments elsewhere and are packing up their offices ready to start new jobs on Monday. Many people are enjoying their last days in this office tomorrow and it just seems so odd. I suppose in all my other jobs I've been the one to do the leaving people behind thing, and it just feels sad and strange to be the one getting left. I sort of feel like I'm the one who didn't get asked to the prom, but I have to listen to all my friends giggle over who they are going with and what they are wearing. It's not that I'm sad to not know what's next for me, it's just that I want to be on the other side of the fence where I can be excited about MY next opportunity.