Long Time, No Write

It's been so long since I've posted, I really had to force myself to take a few minutes to write something this morning even though I'm up to my eyebrows in work. Things have been a little nutty recently and I've felt a bit overwhelmed with posting because I felt like I had fallen so far behind. I never wrote about our Christmas trip to PA and have yet to update about my job. I'll get to PA in a later post, but for now, here's the 411 on work.

We're in week 4 of the new administration and while things are still really scattered and unorganized, we're coming together little by little. For now, I've still got the same job I had before, although our section has been shaken up a bit and none of us are totally sure what we're doing yet. We've got 2 new people, helping out, but one of them refuses to help us answer the phone, but she's taken all my special letters so I'm not writing letters for the Governor any more. The other new person is great with phones and while he's not on the official rotation yet, he picks them up all the time and that's a breath of fresh air. I wish he'd answer them full time. :)

We're all still learning new faces, new names, new policies and rules, it's weird. It's hard to break out of old habits, but it's also frustrating to try to convey to the new staff how much MORE work and correspondence a Governor will receive over at Lt. Gov. We have yet to be visited by our boss so we're all just doing the best we can until we can be given more direction and approval to go full steam ahead.

Aside from work here, I've got an interview at the NC General Assembly on Friday. I applied for a position as a Research Assistant/Paralegal back at the beginning of January. I feel hopeful about this job and there are actually 2 positions up for grabs so that doubles my chances of getting the job. I'm nervous about this interview. I have to show up an hour early to do a writing sample and will then have an interview with a staff member. Luckily, I know this place and some of the staff since I worked there before, so I'm hoping have that level of comfort will help with the nerves. I'm anxious to get this interview behind me. At this point, I'm starting to get comfortable with the new administration, and if I were to get the NCGA job, it wouldn't be so easy to decide which direction to go. I like the people I work with here (for the most part), but I think that the other job would really expand my skill set and really open me up to opportunities and jobs anywhere doing a whole lot more than administrative paper-pushing.

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