We're doing it....

We're selling our house. Yep. I know. We're supposed to wait until April. However, I've found the cutest little house in Apex that I simply must have. Or at least must TRY to have.

Our current home is great, but it's just too much. Too much yard, too much house, too many unused (but decorated) rooms. We don't need this much space with or without kids. Maybe I'll eat those words later if we have kids, but I can't help but roll my eyes at that because people used to live in smaller homes with families. The house we're looking at it's just a bit over 1600 square feet and sits on a third of an acre with enough room in the backyard to add on a master suite one day.

If we're lucky enough to sell and be able to buy this home, it'll be a space adjustment for sure, but I feel totally worth it for it's location, charm, and newly renovated interior. If the 50's wife and mother could do it, so can I!

We're busy staging and getting things show ready. Luckily, I had sort of been doing a lot of that already since I got laid off in March so it's been slightly easier than getting the townhouse ready. We hope to list the house this weekend. We've got a bit of competition in the neighborhood, but we're going to price right, will include our appliances, offer some closing costs, and hopefully people interested in our neighborhood will see the value in our home over some of the others.

Keep your fingers crossed for us.