Pish Tosh

I swear, my life is so uninteresting, I'm never inspired to write. I am forcing myself to do so today.

Our house has not sold. In fact, it's only had ONE showing since we put it on the market. We've had 2 open houses to which not one soul has come. The odd thing is that our agent, Miss Edna, says our house is getting more than 140 hits on realtor.com EVERY DAY. She says the most of any listing her agency has. So what gives? Why no visitors? Maybe it's the time of year? We don't know. She's updated our listing to show proximity to local must-need places - Target, grocery stores, and downtown. See? We're not SO in the boonies (well, yeah. we sort of are). I also took some new pics with our nice SLR camera and they've been added to the listing. I have to assume every viewer is as snobby as I am about good pics on a listing, so I retook them. Anyway, we have a great house and I know it'd sell if people just VISITED THE INSIDE. So that's that.

On the flipside, I've been requesting viewings of other houses I've found for ourselves this week. This week alone, I've seen 4. 2 are good, 1 is OK and 1 is a no-go. There are 2 I'm kind of falling for, but I'm also not SO in love that I see my heart getting broken like with the Tunstall and Heater homes. I've pushed past those and know that the Lord has better things planned for us.

One house we saw today I've had my eye on for a while. It's been on the market over 100 days and has had it's priced dropped once. Miss Edna says it's priced way more per square foot than other homes in the neighborhood, and about $35k over tax value. So it's overpriced. Keep it that way until we're ready to buy it! It's a home I can see myself in LONG TERM. That's what we want. Settlement. It's in the in-law's neighborhood (but not too close hehehe - JK in-laws!). Actually, that would be nice. Oh...it was just great. I want it.

Nothing much else has been going on. I continue to be gainfully unemployed and while I love being FREEEEE! I hate worrying about money and not contributing. I did find out that I'm approved for the emergency unemployment benefits so we think I'll get unemployment possibly until March. I'm still looking for jobs. There aren't many out there and I'm still not sure what to do with myself. Everything I apply for just seems to go into a big black hole and I never hear back with a yes or a no. Argh.

Last week, when my mom was out of town, I organized all her legal papers from my dad's case. I came across some transcripts that were taken at depositions and it dawned on me that I could do legal transcription! Some of that work can even be done from home. But how do you get into that? I've read it requires no schooling, but again, where do you get your start? Things seems near impossible to start because everything wants you to have umpteen years of experience ALREADY.

I still toss around getting my real estate license. Even Miss Edna said I had a knack for picking out good houses today and that she should bring me on as an agent. I told her I had considered it. I'm just not sure if they only money you make as an agent is commission or if you get a salary on top of that (???) Anyone know?

I have come to realize that I've been out of work for so long with no leads because I think God is trying to help me figure out what I've been looking for for so long - WHY am I here? WHAT am I meant to do? It's apparently a slow process, but I'm hoping for an end result that will change my life or at least even it out. Best thing about being let go is that I've regained composure of myself and my mind. I can't believe how my last job beat me down and how far my body went to deal with it. I think God did a jailbreak on that one :)


Little house on the market

As much as I don't want to write about what's going on with our house (putting it in writing means it's true and I have to admit it)...here goes.

Our house has been on the market for about 3-4 weeks. We have had not one single showing or visitor and that crushes my soul. Our house is one of the best in the neighborhood compared to the other pre-lived-in-homes-for-sale. We have interesting competition right now. We live on the main road in our subdivision and there are 3 homes in a row right at the entrance that are all for sale. The annoying thing is that 2 of them are for sale by the builder, but this doesn't mean they haven't been lived in. The builder chose to RENT these homes to people rather than continue to try to sell them in a bad housing market. That's fine and well for them, but now it looks like everyone in the neighborhood just wants to move out. Including our home, there are 4 others for sale within ear shot of our house.

In addition to the pre-loved homes, we're up against new construction in the back part of the neighborhood. Our 6 month analysis shows that the only homes to sell during that time period have been new construction homes. I'm hoping that before long they'll be out of new homes to sell and won't have any others on their way to completion. We'll see.

This past Saturday we had a 3 hour open house held by our realtor. She said that not one person came through our house. Even worse is that the Parade home down the street (which folks have to get to by passing our house) had plenty of traffic! That house is priced $40k more than our house. That's depressing. We don't know why no one stopped in. In these tough times would you pick the house that was only 1 year lived in that came with a fridge, washer, dryer, and all those blinds ALREADY IN IT? or would you pick the brand new house where you had to shell out nearly $4,000 to equip your home with all those things? We're also offering $2k in closing costs. We're so nice. Apparently not nice enough.

To make matters worse, my FIL informed me on Sunday that another couple in our church is looking at the house in Apex I sort of had my heart set on. It's the reason we even put our house on the market. They sold their house last week and are ready to buy something. I'm hoping they don't buy it - they have 3 kids and the house is 1600 square feet. I can't imagine. I was sort of crushed. It was bad timing to receive such news. Having not yet heard the results of our open house, I was fretting over whether anyone had come or not and then to hear the house I really wanted was within arms reach of a couple who HAD sold their home. It made me really sad and I felt like if I even said words I might cry.

The only bright spot is that I've now found another house that could be grand. It's not in Apex, but is in a cute part of Cary. It's a big bigger at nearly 1900 square feet, and is the same story - 1950's home that someone bought and completely renovated to today's updated standards. It's adorable and has the most cozy, private backyard and patio. I'm hoping to go see it this week. We were able to see a lot of it by peeking in the windows, but couldn't see all the bedrooms and baths. I'm not kidding myself, I think this house will sell based on it's great location and beautiful updates, but I'm a dreamer so I will hang on to both dreams until they are squashed by others who were fortunate enough to actually SELL their homes.


Cooking pour moi

I haven't blogged in a long time. That's too bad for you people because I truly do have an exciting life you're not getting the scoop on. That statement is dripping with about as much sarcasm as the flourless chocolate cupcakes I'm about to frost are going to be!

My new dietary restrictions have me frustrated. Basically anything sweet I shouldn't eat and I'm supposed to cut carbs pretty much altogether. I'm not doing the greatest job of following the diet to a T but I try when I can. It's hard to figure out how to eat things that satisfy my cravings for sweets but that aren't filled with sugar or flour. I recently bought this beauty of a book:

500cupcakes...which I've been drooling over for quite some time. I have a slight love affair with cupcakes and I'm not sure why. I think it's their versatility and cute little perfect portion size. I love to make them, to decorate them with delicious icing, and share them with others. This book not only contains tons of recipies for cupcakes but also muffins. One I can't wait to try is the zucchini and feta muffins. YUM.

Today, I turned to the "Cupcakes for Special Diets" section and I decided to make the "Ultimate Flourless Chocolate Cupcake." It still has sugar, but only 1/2 a cup which isn't too bad. I wasn't bold enough to try substituting Splenda because the recipe calls for 4 eggs and 4 egg yolks and I didn't have an extra 8 eggs to waste! They have ground almonds in them (which are full of protein and great for me) and a bit of orange extract in them. The icing is made mostly of heavy cream with just 4 tablespoons of confectioner's sugar. So overall, they may not be the lowest in fat, but they have no flour and a decent amount of sugar which is heads above any other type of cake I could make for myself. They also have 1 1/2 cups of bittersweet chocolate chips (I use Ghirardelli 60% cacao chips - they are the best) and 2 sticks of butter in them, but who's counting?

Here's a pic of them fresh from the oven...I will be icing them soon:


I got to taste a tiny bit that broke off when I took them out of the pan - they are good, but were hot. I always prefer by baked goods at room temperature so their real flavor comes through. So far, judging on the ingredients list, visual appeal and light, fluffy icing, I'd highly recommend you try these! YUM!