I Suck

I'm one day shy of having not written on this here blog for THREE MONTHS. I have wanted to, but because my hand tends to get slapped by the universe whenever I stick it out, I have withheld my thoughts saving them for when I felt safe enough to share them. So I've been thinking of things to write about, but just haven't taken the time to pound the keys yet.

You see, I have a new job. Have had for 3 weeks as of tomorrow. It's been going well, but I will update you (if any of YOU are still out there. No doubt you've given up on me) later. It's just been taking up about 11 hours of my day from start to finish and that puts a cramp in my writing time. Job is good though.

Also, I think my blog is boring. No more can I complain about work or not having work, and now that I'm in a more healthy work environment, my brain doesn't think about work all the time and I'm actually getting to feel happy. I am trying to figure out more fun things to share.

Until later....(not 3 months later, but you know...a day or so).

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  1. Maybe you should use this blog to complain about your husband.