The boredom...it has gotten to me


1. Burt's Bees Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey & Grapeseed Hand Creme

This stuff has saved my life. Since I started my new job, I've been handling gobs of paper. Endless gobs of dirty paper. Within a few short days, my hands were sucked dry of any recognizable moisture and so began a hunt for the perfect hand lotion that would still allow me to type, touch my iPhone and handle papers without leaving greasy fingerprints. There's nothing worse at work than having dry hands that you can't properly moisturize!

BBTT's has been great. I goes on nicely and while I can still feel it on my hands and it doesn't absorb right away, it almost leaves a waxy feeling (but not in a bad way) that makes my hands feel protected. It's great. It even helps me handle the paper work and gives me some traction when flipping through tons of registrations and reports. BONUS!

2. Sharpie Pen (or any pen for that matter)

This is a great new pen from Sharpie that I just heart. I use this puppy a lot when labeling things or just cuz I want to. I bought the value pack and got lots of fun colors like blue, black, purple, green, and even orange! Their uses know no limits!

I'm a bit of a pen freak anyway. I have been on an endless quest to find THE perfect pen or pens in the universe since I was in high school (maybe middle school). To date, I love uni-ball pens the most. Their Jetstream 0.7 blue ink pen got me through 3 hours of note-taking a night in Legal Survey without too much pain. They write as smooth as silk and I highly recommend them to any other pen lovers.

3. Post-it Notes

I hardly should allow myself to expand on this topic. Oh post-its, how I love thee. You see here a matching set of both small and large square post-its. I detest nothing more than the original plain yellow post-its, but only when they are generic brand. They are just not the same yellow. I enjoy their little sticky quality but without the destruction that tape can cause when used in the same manner. They are cute, colorful, easy to collect, and easy to find a use for during my 9 hours away from home each day. They are also fun to give as gifts!

4. Stamps

These stamps pretty much run my life while I'm at work. I have to tend to these 3 at all times and use them each and every day. There's a "Filed" stamp for assigning a date of filing for documents, there's a "Received" stamp for declaring the day on which a document was physically received in our office, and then there is the "Filed & Received" stamp which is only used when folks drop off paper work in person. There's a fourth stamp (not pictured) that I use to stamp the back of checks so they can be deposited to the right account. I did not include the stamp because I know how you people like to deposit money in random accounts.

5. Paperclips

This is my special little pot of paperclips which I reach into for a clip at least 1,000 times a day. I have to paperclip documents constantly so there's quite the supply of paperclips in this office. There are actually 2 other boxes FULL of paper clips on the work tables outside of my office but I feared being laughed at for photographing stupid things in plain view. Just picture the lid to a box holding reams of paper. that box lid is FULL of paperclips. It's nuts...but necessary up in here.

You can see as well, the lovely staple remover hanging on the side. I use that everyday as well. We have to remove all staples because all our documents get scanned. Still, this piece of hardware comes in handy for removing staples from right above the location on the forms where it says "Do Not Staple."

6. Diet Mountain Dew

My drug of choice. I really should not drink it since I've learned that although it's sweetened with no-calorie sweetener, my body still responds to it as if it was sugar so it's not helping with my insulin resistance. It's just hard. I have had only one today. DMD, why can't I quit you?

7. Wite-Out

While I don't use this stuff everyday, it comes in handy when I stamp something that really shouldn't be stamped. You can't beat the "paper" wite-out over the nasty, clumpy, wet stuff. Let me just say that I don't get why they spelled it "wite" - the stuff is WHITE - why not spell it that way?

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