The grass is always greener...

You know the rest..."on the other side."

We hear this all the time. And for the most part, it's true and people always want what they don't have. And if, by chance, they get "the other side" then they see how great the OTHER other side was and might want that back. Now that I've thouroughly confused you, let me expand and share my thoughts on this cheesy cliche we all know and love.

As of yesterday, I've been at my new job one month. I can say with the UTMOST certainty that the grass is far greener on the other side - OF THE GOV's OFFICE! I mean, the greenest of green. KELLEY GREEN in fact. Am I making myself clear? This job, while menial and low-level as it may be, has been great. I felt comfortable with my co-workers practically on day one, which is unheard of with me. I am the type of person that takes a loooong time to warm up to some people, but I just got this feeling around this group and it was such a relief. Like being wrapped in a cashmere blanket.

Don't get me wrong, there are one or two (mostly one) that are quite annoying, but again, thankfully in a way that causes me to laugh at them rather than allow them to ruin my day kind of way. But in general, the 8 other women I work with are great. They are all very different, but I feel like I get along with them well. And they were so looking forward to my arrival!

I learned my job duties in a matter of days and have been comfortably handling them solo for the last 4 weeks. When I started we were right in the middle of the busiest time of the year so I really got in a good work workout and now things have tapered way off and I have time to write this blog entry on the clock (shhh).

I am so thankful that I am actually able to see myself on the other side of the purgatory that I was in before, and SEE what it's like to be a real person again. In a normal, stress-free job. It's amazing what it has done for me and my fragile soul. I believe that God chose for me to lose my job. He saw I had had enough and knew I couldn't just quit, so he had me fired and allowed me to get unemployment :) Those dollars saved me and Seth during the 9 months I was out of work and I'm thankful for that as well.

Also, I look back now and see that He had me out of work for so long to rebuild me. I was broken. My spirit was torn to shreds by the citizens of North Carolina who had verbally abused me for 3 looooong years. I needed time to recover and God knew that. He gave me time to rest and helped prepare my soul for my next job.

I see all these things now that I'm here at my first new job after the Gov's Office. I'm not having panic attacks, I don't feel freaked out if my predictable schedule gets thrown off course, and I am not scared of people.

It surely helps that the folks who call this division are intelligent, kind, and polite individuals who know what they want, who know why they have called this office, and have questions that don't bend the mind. I'm not saying that I only want to talk to smart people the rest of my life, but it does show you how very sad many folks' lives are out there. I had the occasional call at the Gov's Office from someone desperate but kind and asking for help. They were a joy to help, but it's the ones who are so desperate they resort to verbal abuse and yelling and that only makes you NOT want to help them. I enjoyed helping grateful people and would do that again, but it's nice to be here and to have a calm phone life.

I just wanted to throw my new life out there for ya'll. I have been renewed and am thankful, o so thankful, for the work God has done in my life during the past (almost) year. He knew what I needed and clearly was the only one who could provide a way for it to happen. He did it and I see that now.