Neither here nor there (UPDATED 2/26 9:07am)

We're still on the market. Our contract runs out here in a bit. We'll be re-listing immediately and hopefully with the coming of spring, the buyers, they will come, too. (Could I have put any more commas in that sentence?)

How could you not want this house? Let's go on a tour, shall we?
Welcome home! Walk right up to that front door, turn around and you'll see this...
Ooooo, nice big front yard. Won't you come inside?
Now you're in the foyer. Custom painted by yours truly. Let's keep going.Look at the delicious Italian leather sofa. It doesn't come with the house, but I'm just trying to set the scene for my potential buyers. This, too, could be yours (buy your own sofa, though).

On to the kitchen....Wouldn't you love to cook in here? It's a dream. Miles of granite, tons of cabinet space - they'll make you feel like a pro chef (or something like that).

After a full day of cooking for your delightful family, wouldn't love a nice private, spacious, luxurious master suite to which you could retire? I thought so. How's this...Not pictured are the tray ceiling, his and hers closets, and gigantic master bathroom with 2 sinks, adult-height counter tops, a garden tub (with jets), a huge tiled shower with glass doors, and a separate WC. You want it, I know you do.

Or you could just hang out in the laundry room and do chores if you prefer...I think I'll pass.

Let's go upstairs.Here's what you could offer to your guests, or your child(ren) or your dog (?) Whatever you wish for this room to be - it can be. There's another bedroom upstairs, but I don't have any cute pictures of it. Just trust me - NURSERY.

And here's where we spend all our free time. In our cozy bonus room over the garage. It's tucked away so we can hunker down on a Friday night with our beer, wine, and pizza and have a relaxing evening as one (or two) should after a hard weeks' work.Three knows how we do...

I really didn't get to say all I thought I was going to say when I came up with the title for this post. So...I'm revisiting this subject bright and early on a Friday.

Fridays are a time of hope, of anticipation, and of renewed confidence that we'll have a showing over the weekend. Chances are high that we won't actually have anyone interested this weekend, but we're inching towards spring and that means warmer weather which mean people will actually set foot out of their homes. I'm hoping from homes they want to leave quickly, but that's probably asking too much.

What I was really feeling yesterday when I typed out my clever, yet over used title is that I really feel unsettled at this point in time. I thought with all my little beating red heart, that we'd have sold before the first contract ran out. I never imagined that in 6 months time we'd still be in our house. It's frustrating but what can I do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It's apparently just not the right time for us. We're apparently supposed to be where we are at the moment. I'm just really ready to move on. We moved to this big house with a big yard thinking it was all we could ever want, but it turns out, it's a bit too much of what we wanted. In discussing our next home, we both realized that we're actually fine with someone mowing the grass for us, and we're fine with little to no yard and only common areas to share with neighbors. Of course, it'd be nice to have a yard all to ourselves that someone else cares for, but again, asking too much.

We've found some town homes in Cary that are so centrally located, practically everything we love and adore are less than half a mile away in all directions. These town homes are lots more grown-up than our first one, and in that way, we don't feel like we're going back to square one. I am a house-hunting freak of nature and have been for years. I love to browse homes online. I've still been doing it while our house has been on the market even though I told myself I would wait to look until we had a really interested buyer. Oddly enough, even though I've cheated on that promise, I'm not finding any home I like better than these town houses. If I like the house, I'm not crazy about it's location, or vice versa - there's always something that scraps my interest. So I just wonder if we're meant to be in those town houses at some point? I just wish I knew.

We don't feel settled, we don't feel at home, and we're ready to go. Like I said, we're neither here nor there and that's an unsettling place to be.

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