Do you know this here fella?

If so, count your blessings because he is RAD. He is my one and only who has gotten me through life from age 2 1/2 to the present day. He is my comfort and my healer and who Seth says is like my own little personal, tactile Holy Spirit.

He is Diggle.

He is my love.

Diggle has lived a long life, and contrary to his appearance, he has been well-loved. He was given to me on Christmas Eve when I was 2 1/2. My Uncle Gene gave him to me. It became tradition for my Uncle to give me a stuffed animal every Christmas, but no other stuck like Diggle.

He's had a few names starting with Diggle (I think), then Dee-Bobblehead, then just Dee, and now he's back to Diggle...and I think I'll keep it. He's met all the men in my life with a slogan he made up for me, "If you don't love Dee, you don't love me," and to date, Seth is by far and away his favorite. Seth loves him, too, he just doesn't like to admit it.

Diggle has an attitude and he likes to show it off. He is witty and quick and loves to poke fun at anyone and everything. He's a bit of an ornery old man, but that's part of his charm.

Diggle has helped me through many life events. He went to college with me, he helped me through heart break, and he went on countless trips with me at all ages as my little piece of home away from home. The only time he hasn't been on a trip was when Seth and I went on our honeymoon. Seth requested I leave him behind and I obliged. However, Diggle was having none of that and he sent a spy in his place. Muwhahaha.

Please don't call the mental hospital because I've resorted to blogging about Diggle. I'll be OK. I swear.

How could you not love this face?

I certainly do.

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  1. I totally "get" Diggle. He's like my Tweety. I love your blog.