Another house update...snooooooze


So our house!

It's still on the market!

Yeah, I know you're all surprised it didn't sell in the 7 days since I last posted a house update. You'll just have to get over your disappointment.

I do have news, though. Not good, not bad, just....news.

First of all, I've decided to only compose one sentence paragraphs from here on out. Just kidding - I noticed I was doing that and wanted to point it out.

Yesterday after work Seth and I met with our wonderful agent, Edna. Our current listing is set to expire on March 14th so we wanted to come up with a new game plan for our new listing. We had no idea what to expect really. We'd thought this thing to death and couldn't really come up with how to approach the new listing. When I say "we" I mean me and Seth. We smooshed our non-real estate-agent heads together and thought real hard. But came up with nothing.

Edna was prepared, though. She suggested we relist and ..... UP our price ..... BUT offer to pay all the buyers closing costs. After I picked my jaw up off the floor we heard her out. We were shocked (well, I was anyway), but I tried to play it cool. She suggested we up it, cover the closing costs, and that will essentially bring us back down to what we're listed at right now anyway. So it all evens out. She thinks that even with going up on the price (we're still not the highest in our subdivision), that buyers will be attracted to the idea of being able to buy our house with no money out of pocket. Hey, I'd love to have that happen to us!

Our house qualifies for 100% financing, and with the tax incentive, we're hoping to sell in the next 8 weeks or less. That's the ultimate goal anyway. Seems like serious buyers both first time and repeat buyers have a reason to buy before the incentive expires and we hope our house will be part of the party. Time will tell - and I will, too, what with all these house updates and whatnot.

The flip side of home selling is home BUYING, and I hope we get to do that in the near future. I've mentioned that we've found and fallen for some new town homes in the Cary area. I continue to look for other homes, but constantly compare them the town homes and so far, the town homes come up the winner each time. I'm pretty picky about houses and it really takes a lot to grab my attention.

I've got my eye on the first place to give the THs a run for their money so far. Seth's not sure about location, but I see the value in it's location. Both in terms of helping my mom and being convenient for us to and from work, errands, and potentially schools in the future. Its price was just reduced yesterday and honestly, I was surprised it was even still on the market with its adorable self! I was looking at it online yesterday and for one reason or another I refreshed the page and saw the price change. Right there in front of my eyes! It was fun - after I did a quadruple take, I believed it. So now it's even better. Another 1700 square foot charmer in Raleigh. Not sure how long it'll last with the price reduction, but again, time is the only one who's telling.

No, I will not say anything specific about the house because I will jinx it. So just chill. If you're lucky it'll show up in a post one day as our new home. That or one of those fancy town homes...

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